In an incredible interview with an eyewitness who was at the Paris theater attack when it started, he says they said nothing and just started shooting.

Watch below:

An awful evil. Will Europe respond with another impotent march for universal rainbows and values?

More about this terrorist event here.

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  • Jason

    Obama has done nothing but used his office to spread Islam at home and
    abroad. It almost makes me puke to hear him say the Paris attack was “an
    attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share.” That man
    is more than vile. He espouses everything that Islam represents, and in
    unguarded moments he doesn’t make a pretense of his allegiance. take a
    look at this. His finger says it all: http://itsallaboutmuhammad.com/2015/02/is-president-obama-a-muslim/

  • gastorgrab

    If he was smart, Trump would stop attacking any of the other GOP candidates.

    Immigration is now the deciding factor in this election.

  • yesseriously

    How fast do we think Obama thought – How the hell am I going to get these idiots to take in these “refugees” now? Anyone who spoke of vetting even half seriously should be thrown out of office. I suppose they believe we’re to vet “refugees” by Magic 8 Ball, chicken entrails or tarot cards as the FBI has stated there is no way to vet them. Immigration is the issue of the election cycle. There is no way around it. Unless we control our borders we’re asking for attacks like these.

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