Trump Probably Lied About His Personal Memory Of ‘Thousands And Thousands’ Of Muslims In Jersey Cheering After 9/11

El Trumpo has been offering as proof that Syrian refugees can’t be trusted that he personally saw thousands of Muslims cheering in New Jersey after the 9/11 attacks.

Apparently it was an internet rumor way back in 2001, but as far as I can tell, there’s no evidence it happened.

Here’s video of him saying he saw thousands and thousands of people personally, himself, cheering about 9/11:

The Mayor of Jersey City says it never happened, but he’s probably a Muslim collaborator in the pocket of the ISIS caliphate who committed coitus with Osama Bin Laden, because that’s the only way he’d disagree with el Trumpo.

From CBS New York:

…there is no evidence of mass celebrations by Muslims in Jersey City, which sits right across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop says Trump is “plain wrong” and is politicizing an emotionally charged issue.

“No one in Jersey City cheered on September 11th,” Fulop said in a statement. “Trump needs to understand that Jersey City will not be part of his hate campaign.”

Is this a possible explanation?

He’s been pressed on it this morning and he has kept insisting that he saw them do it. Maybe he knows something we don’t. Oh hell, who cares, his followers will swear they saw it too.



I’m surprised the bloodthirsty Muslims in Jersey City haven’t ripped down this 9/11 memorial with their bare hands!!!

Or maybe they have, and el Trumpo saw it with his own eyes, and his followers will confirm it, and I’m totally wrong and a paid Rubio hack.

Can anyone provide evidence of this event happening? I tried to exonerate el Trumpo but all my Mexy powers of investigation couldn’t find a shred of proof.

UPDATE: I posted this at the Right Scoop and the angry Trump-humpers sent me this from PowerLine Blog:

In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners’ plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.

Well FINE.

So it looks like el Trumpo exaggerated his claim, but something like it did happen. I’m getting a lot of people attacking me on Twitter saying they all saw it on TV. Well sorry folks, that’s not evidence. There are way too many people who are willing to lie, or just have bad memories. As Trump has proven.

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  • The Serf

    My personal feeling is that some of this did happen. I was abroad when 9/11 happened and what is reported abroad is not the same as what is reported in the US. Foreign media has no problems with reporting these things.

    I am sure a lot of it did happen all over the country but the US media covered it up.

    Outside the US, the attitude was that America deserved it.

    It was such a long-time ago, but I remember that the feeling towards the US was one of hostility rather than sympathy.

    What makes liberals such morons and buffoons is the fact that when there is a successful terrorist attack anywhere in the world it only emboldens terrorists. The terrorists think the country attacked is weak and vulnerable, probably why France was targeted again after France did nothing after the Charlie Hedbo incident.

    Peace, love and granola doesn’t work and will never work.

  • TruthInAction

    Here it is. You’ll see a paragraph about FBI agents investigating those who celebrated the Twin Towers going down.


  • Snorkdoodle Whizbang

    So ‘a number of people’ is now thousands and thousands?

  • labar

    Sooper, are you really that down on Trump that you couldn’t even do the minimum research on the story? The Washington Post reported on the story when it happened saying police were called in. But the fact checkers at the Post couldn’t find the story that was in their own archives, so why should you be able to find it.
    I can’t post the story because I don’t subscribe to the compost so I can’t access the story, but if you want to pay them their near $4 charge for the story you find it unless they’ve deleted it now.
    But Trump isn’t the one who’s lying, it’s you and all the other journalist on the left and right that are doing that in a blatant smear campaign based on nothing but your own lies.


  • labar

    Snorkdoodle, a number of people isn’t thousands and thousands, but it’s very likely that thousands, if not millions of muslims in the USA celebrated the destruction of the twin towers. But the story linked by Truthinaction does confirm that Trump wasn’t lying about muslims in Jersey City were celebrating, which is what you and everyone else were saying. “Trump Lied about the whole thing”. which just isn’t true.

    Trump didn’t lie anymore than you are doing.

  • cryandhowl

    The pile of ass “SOOPERMEXICAN” strikes Trump again. And yes labar, S00PER has been down on Trump since Trump announced his bid for the presidency. SOOPER reminds me of a stark raven liberal with his/her drivel. Then when called on what he/she says her little panties get in a wad. Personally I think SOOPER is a supporter of illegals flooding the United States. Not just his ‘title’ gives it away but his petty attacks on Mr. Trump.
    Hey SOOPER, Hillary for president! That ought to make your sombrero tingle. And I don’t give a flaming-flying shit if you’re offended. I personally am sick of your phony conservative bullshit.
    Oh, this might help you … (but I doubt it)

  • John J Holliday

    Get caught up on Powerline. The incident did happen, but probably not in the magnitude Trump asserts now.
    I see you’ve updated.

  • xsnake

    Trump was right….I remember it.

    As a matter of fact, today…

    “Update: Some readers have tweeted to The Fact Checker a Washington Post article from Sept. 18, 2001, as evidence of Trump’s claim. The article, which appeared on page 6, described FBI probes in northern New Jersey after the attacks, saying in the 15th paragraph that “law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.”

    Washington Post.

  • xsnake
  • pinklady

    obviously you’ve never been to Jersey City since the late 90s

  • Snorkdoodle Whizbang

    I didn’t say that he lied and I appreciate it if you wouldn’t try to put words in my mouth. Mr. Trump didn’t simply say that there were muslims in Jersey City celebrating on 9/11… he said that he personally saw “thousands and thousands” of muslims in Jersey City celebrating – I presume – in the streets. Funny that no one else saw this throng of “thousands and thousands” very publicly celebrating. Regardless of your opinion of the media (and no, I don’t particularly trust them either) if there had been a horde of muslims publicly celebrating in North Jersey that it would have at least make the local news. Even for the jaundiced and biased media that would have been a pretty huge story in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. If you want to discount Mr. Trumps tendency to ‘overstate’ when he speaks off the cuff, that’s your prerogative. That doesn’t change the fact that ‘a handful’ of people doesn’t equate ‘thousands and thousands’. Does it make a difference? When it comes to considering who the next Leader Of The Free World, I think is should.

    You trump-humpers are complete morons. amazing.

  • I’ve been there dozens of times in the last 6 years. What the hell are you talking about. Do thousands and thousands of Muslims dance about 9/11 all the time in Jersey or something? I must have missed them.

  • Arkindole
  • xsnake

    Yo…..take a Midol.

  • will_ford


  • will_ford


  • Pat

    I personally saw MILLIONS of MUSLIMS cheering worldwide on every news station during the 9/11 attacks. So who gives a shit if they were in Jersey or Dearborn, Michigan or the middle east? A Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim….every Muslim on the planet CELEBRATED!!! You want to talk about lies? Pick any day of the frickin week and you’ve got a whopper from Hillary, Kerry, or Obama!!! This is lame Trump bashing. Stop doing the demoncrats a favor!!!

  • Davis

    Trump was spot on!!
    Making America!!

    Copy that!!!

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