Ridiculous: Obama Says Global Warming Conference Is A POWERFUL REBUKE to ISIS!

I think Obama might have entered into our weekly “what’s the stupidest thing said on Melissa Harris Perry’s show,” but his entry came out of left field!! While giving a joint press conference with the president of France, Obama pretended he was on a low-rated MSNBC show and made the stupidest comment I’ve heard in a while.

Watch the insanity below:

YES! He says that in order to rebuke ISIS, they’re going to have a GLOBAL WARMING conference!! It’s ISIS’ greatest fear!! They’re scurrying away in horror as we speak!!

Can you imagine the terror and panic in their ISIS camps as they behold the awful might of the United States anger manifested in a bunch of old white guys whining that it’s too cold outside!!

Dang, Obama isn’t messing around anymore! I say we have a Racial Disparity conference to destroy Boko Haram, and how about a Free Speech Get Together so that we can bring down North Korea once and for all!!


C’mon Internet, That Viral ‘But We Have Flowers’ Paris Video Is Stupid And You KNOW IT!

  • theGOONIES

    They try so hard to do stupid. How can a group of people so adamantly demand dumb?

    Liberalism…undeniably a mental disease

  • Pat

    I’m ready for a coup d’etat!!! This would be shocking if it wasn’t so routine. What’s really scary are the millions of Americans who vote for this insanity. US citizens haven’t known the kind of fear that Obama is bringing in with ISIS among the “Syrian Refugees”. You want to see Mexicans run for the border? Just wait until Jorge gets his Christian head sawed off on a video. It will be “adiós Estados Unidos”!!! Then we will have traded one problem for a much bigger one. Even if you hate Trump, you have to admit that he would do what NEEDS to be done if we’re going to survive this Muslim plague that’s spreading across the planet. Even hardcore KGB communists like Putin are fearful of ISIS, so what chance do you think a two-bit swindler like Hillary has….ZERO.

  • The next editions of all dictionaries have got to have his picture under the definition of “dipshit”…

  • Mark Chazz

    Of course, the right wing doesn’t realize just WHO is giving off the ridiculous impression. Obama, still the “most admired man in the world” is standing up for American principals, facts and against ISIS/ISIL. The right, and their opportunistic politicians, are succumbing to the ISIS/ISIL fear mongering by abandoning fundamental principals of this nation, and for many, the “Christian” religion by allowing the theory of a possibility of a terrorist sneaking past both the UN vetting, and then the 24 month, extensive refugee review that the US puts them through. Of the over 780 thousand refugees since 9/11, only about 12 have been detained for suspected terrorism activities, and none were Syrian. Let’s look at our domestic terrorism, by good old ‘Mericans, where the real danger for most of us lies. Regardless, this yellow streak that is being encouraged by the GOP is in sharp contrast to other nations, particularly France, who have accepted the challenge. Except for our military, our citizens seem to the world to be making the “home of the brave and land of the free” into the “home of the chicken, land of the excuse makers.” I am glad someone is speaking to the world for the strength, integrity, and compassion of this nation, and not the rationalizing nonsense of those who tote their guns around Mosques and express their religious convictions by protesting holiday greetings. The world, if not the right of the US, knows the truth, regardless of GOP propaganda.

  • Pat

    Your wonderful vetting process did not prevent 130 people from being slaughtered by ISIS in Paris. Coming to a city near you Mark, compliments of the “most admired man in the world”. ONE DAY before the Paris attacks Obama said “ISIS is CONTAINED”. Less than a week later John Kerry said “Al Qaeda is NEUTRALIZED” and on the SAME DAY he said this Al Qaeda attacked an overseas American owned hotel and killed several people. You and your heroes seem to have a serious credibility problem. If this is what you call leadership then YOU are being led to your doom. Enjoy the ride.

  • Mark Chazz

    Yeah, that doesn’t make you RWNJs look like spineless cowards or anything. But it does make you pathetic a-holes who has the galls to blame the deaths of people of Paris on the President! By that logic, when my grandfather died in 2006, I should have blamed Bush, right?

  • Jeffrey Kibler

    Wow, name-calling, scapegoating & a Bush-blame, all in a single reply, you’ve hit the leftist trifecta. Two things. First, Obama most certainly is not “most admired man in the world” by any measure. (That is hall-of-fame level “progressive” thinking.) Second, Obama does have Paris (and others) blood on his hands b/c he has aided & abetted, and equipped, ISIS (yeah, I’m saying he committed treason multiple times) by creating the vacuum in Iraq, ignoring the uprising in Syria; which allowed ISIS to grow. Now yell upstairs to your mom and tell her to bring your lunch.