Trump DUMP! Biggest DROP In Polling Over A Week…

The “Trumpkins,” as Brit Hume called them yesterday, aren’t gonna like this new polling about the Donald losing more support than he ever has in a one-week period.

From the Hill:

A Reuters poll released Friday finds that GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump has dropped 12 points in less than a week, his largest single poll-to-poll drop since he took the primary lead in July.

Trump was still the favorite among 31 percent of Republicans in a rolling Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted from Nov. 23 to Nov. 27, but down from 43 percent support registered on Nov. 22.

The downtrend comes after a week of controversial comments he made about Muslims living in America, suggesting he would “surveil” mosques to root out domestic terrorist plots.
He also suggested a registered database for U.S. Muslims, which drew comparisons to Nazi Germany’s mandatory registration of Jews.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson also fell but finished second in the poll with 15 percent support.

Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) tie for third with 8 percent support each. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush comes in fifth with 7 percent support.

I dunno.. it really sounds to me like this Reuters poll is from a bunch of total losers and complete haters who just want to help Hillary and Rubio bring in more Mexican Syrian refugees. I would ignore this poll because it doesn’t confirm what I want to hear. That’s all polls are for, really…

I mean everyone knows Reuters is a lightweight organization!! No one would trust them!!

Oh wait. Dammit…

Well I’m sure NOW it’s a dumb poll that the Donald will denounce tomorrow because they’re total losers and haters!!

Aw c’mon dammit.

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  • It seems like an outlier. Whatevs.
    Anybody but Hillary and Bush.

  • George

    Your scared ain’t yeah mex!!
    How’s that Rino & Hillary ass taste?

  • Marla Hughes

    SMH. We just CAN’T have descended to this: Having Trump represent us. I’m still in denial.

  • formwiz

    The Al-Reuters poll has a lot to dislike about it in terms of methodology, even if you do like The Donald.

    And, of course, it’s a very long weekend, so wait for next week regardless of who you are.

  • Pat

    The only poll that matters is The Last One Standing. Trump and Cruz will be there. Conservative media tends to REACT to liberal cattle prods instead of using a few cattle prods of their own on liberals. Play the game to WIN. That’s what liberals do.

  • Johnny Wendigo

    Polls,polls, polls…public opinion of the brainwashed sheeps turn like a school of fishies…Fat belly americans have voted TWICE for slicky and Barry Hussein…but Hillzilla? They cant be that dumb!…Even if the Donald is not perfect, he got some piss and vinegar in him and is likely to fight…I’m still not over Fred Thompson refusing the battle…How could Sarah Palin combat EVERYBODY? Wars are won by those who fight, not the surrender monkeys…Look at Harper…Like Thompson, no fire in the belly, so the mincing muslim twink trou d’eau won in Canada too…Trump will have TWO borders to guard…

  • MicahStone

    Once again, Trump is FINISHED — ***NOT*** !!!!

    This event is about the SEVENTEENTH TIME the d-cRAT-controlled socialist media (and it’s GOP-RINO-t^rd Establishment counterpart) has declared:
    “Trump’s DEAD, He’s finished, KAPUT, It’s over for Trump, NO WAY TO WIN, He’s OUT….”


    There are TWO FACTORS WORKING FOR Trump:

    1.NO SANE PERSON believes any of the BS/lies/misrepresentations/distortions/ blatant bias, etc that is now the ONLY content of the MSM.


    2. With each passing day, more and more thousands of people come to realize that TRUMP IS RIGHT ON ALL THE IMPORTANT, MEANINGFUL AND RELEVANT ISSUES OF TODAY .

    SUGGESTION: Get use to saying “President Trump” !!!!!

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