Do You All Remember When We Thought The OBAMA Comparisons To Jesus Christ Were Creepy?

I’m gonna need a factcheck on this claim from a Trumpkin rally today:

This is true. I heard that Jesus Christ is only worth $9 billion, whereas we all know el Trumpo beats that easily.

This kinda stuff is only creepy when Obama’s fans do it, right? Yes. Go Trump.

CAIR and MSNBC poster boy for ISLAMOPHOBIA has been arrested for joining ISIS CELL!!

  • Capt_Morgan

    Obama’s fans probably did do it.

  • Marla Hughes

    I tried to find it with an image search using Trump as the heading. Do NOT do that. His fans have Trump as almost everything. Eek.

  • jadedhorse

    UNTIL Trump is on the cover of TIME with a HALO, i wont give one rats rear end. This is just trying to drum up some outrage to try to defeat him

  • Pat

    This smells more like Trump bashing than an overzealous Trump supporter. Either way, it’s over the top and blasphemous. But, if you’re raking through the muck you can always find something to throw darts at. What are the conservative/non-liberal Trump haters going to do when he’s president. Will they continue to cut off their nose to spite their face. At some point you need to stop bashing your own team and start bashing our competition.

  • Nan

    I think it’s satire simply because of the poster of O in the lower right that say “you’re fired!”

  • How is that satire? You find that less believable than Trump as Jesus?

  • Nan

    Do you mean to ask if I find satire more believable than Trump as Jesus?

    I find the idea of a presidential candidate as Jesus to be offensive no matter who it is, whether in this country or another; however, our starting point is previous imagery of O as the Messiah. Those images were in proportion. Here we have an image of Jesus and the Apostles, with a disproportionately large head, replacing O as the Messiah, with an over the top Trump as the Messiah. Complete with fired notice.

    Looking at the totality of the imagery, yes, I see that as satire. You don’t have to agree with me although you’re coming across as upset, which I find surprising.

    ETA: failed to comment on “Bigger than Jesus,” which is a John Lennon quote, so yeah, satire.

  • not upset at all. laughing at the lengths to which some will go to redeem el Trumpo.

  • Nan

    Are you assuming I’m a Trump supporter? The only difference between him and the other guys is that I once doubled my money in his casino.

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