Tight-Faced Bette Midler Blames Congress, Republicans, For Colorado Shooting

Washed up actress was able to mumble through her taut plastic surgery face to her hired help to tweet a condemnation against Republicans and Congress for the shooting in Colorado yesterday.

Now there’s absolutely no evidence that any of this animated the crazy shooter, who apparently is a transgender weirdo, but that doesn’t stop Botox Bette from placing the blame squarely on conservatives. Maybe they pulled the skin on her face so tight on her last facelift that they squeezed to death her remaining two semi-functioning brain cells. Heheheh.

While Defending Muslim Remarks, Trump Appears To Mock Journalist For His Disability

  • Pat

    What does killing an unborn person have to do with PLANNING to be a PARENT? You gotta love how the liberals can come up with names and phrases that are opposite of the truth.

  • gastorgrab

    Midler: “Innocent people have died in CO”


    Innocent people die at Planned Parenthood every day. Why shouldn’t we demand full registration for all coat hangers?

    Wouldn’t that be the “common-sense” thing to do?

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