U.S. Ally Assassinates Human Rights Lawyer In Broad Daylight, Uses Killing To Justify Despotic Policies

NATO member and U.S. ally Turkey had another shining example of the freedom that their dictator, I mean president, allows to flourish. A human rights activist and lawyer who criticized the government for calling a Turkish separatist organization a “terrorist group” was himself gunned down in the street after a press conference for peace.

Here’s video of the shooting:

And an great news report explaining the murder:

More from Vice News:

An unidentified gunman killed a prominent Kurdish lawyer and rights activist on Saturday in what the pro-Kurdish HDP Party called a “planned assassination,” urging people to take to the streets in protest.

Witnesses said Tahir Elci was shot in the head after making a statement to media in Diyarbakir, the largest city in Turkey’s troubled, mainly Kurdish southeast where he was president of the local bar association. A policeman was also killed in an ensuing exchange of fire.

Elci had been criticized in Turkey for saying the banned Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) was not a terrorist organization, though he had denounced PKK violence. He was facing trial over his comments which had infuriated state prosecutors.

Amazingly, Erdogan is actually blaming the group that Elci was defending, the PKK, with the shooting.


That’s how disgusting Erdogan is – he uses the death of a political opponent he probably killed as justification for implementing more of his policies. Unbelievable.

Here’s what he said to the Wall Street Journal earlier this month about the PKK and Erdogan:

“Both sides are sharpening their knives,” said Tahir Elci, a prominent attorney and head of the bar association in Diyarbakir, the biggest city in Kurdish-dominated parts of Turkey. “Both sides are chasing utopian goals. Both sides are getting farther from what is reasonable.”

Elci had a twitter account. Either his friends or family posted one last tweet:

It translates to, “Bye folks, with kindness.”

May he rest in peace.

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  • gastorgrab

    It was obvious which nation you were talking about after just reading the headline.

    Was he on his way to the peace conference to read a list of Turkish “civilian truck drivers” who were transporting stolen oil out of ISIS territory? That’s not really necessary either.

  • Capt_Morgan

    Erdogen’s methods sound familiar.

  • Marla Hughes

    Except we don’t know who assassinated him. He and PKK are enemies of ISIS as well. Even some in the PKK were gunning for him verbally at least. I’m NOT a fan of Erdogan but the man made some enemies. It’s a shame he’s gone but the PKK is still considered a terrorist group by the US I think.
    I left out that he’s an enemy of both Assad and Putin as well.