San Bernardino Police Scanner Names Person Of Interest In Shooting: ‘Farook Syed’

This name was caught by a few people who were listening in on the San Bernardino police scanner as a person of interest in the coordinated mass shooting today:

Now, he’s just a person of interest, and could be completely innocent. Let’s not jump to conclusions, like the pathetic scumbag Markos Moulitsas has to assume they’re Republicans.


If this is the same guy, then it establishes a motivation for the shooting:

Farook is an employee at the Department of Health, which is the entity that rented the hall where the shooting was at, for a Christmas/Holiday party.

But this doesn’t really corroborate with the idea that the shooting was coordinated and organized before. More details to come…


The New York Times makes it REALLY SOUND like it was Farook:

Investigators believe there were three gunmen and one of them had worked at the facility and recently had a dispute with fellow employees, according to law enforcement officials.

A witness has told police that although the gunmen had their faces covered, one of them sounded and appeared very similar to an employee who had left the facility earlier in the day.

“They had their appearances covered but a witness believed it had been someone who worked there,” said one official.

Who’s the racist NOW, liberals?!?!? I didn’t even say he was Muslim! Sheesh.

Trump Announces 100 Black Pastors To Endorse Him, Lying Black Pastors Say NO WE’RE NOT!!
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  • John

    Soop, another incident at mall. FYI

  • BunE22

    What mall?

  • Pat

    Here we go!!! Obama’s last year is going to be a doozie!!! Would-be terrorists are probably being instructed to cause as much carnage as possible in the US while a demoncrat is still in charge. They know there will be minimal response.

  • jerseydave

    We’ll know when we know, so keep the powder dry and not burning as it were, but this is not a good sign.

  • In the presser that just occured, not ONE media person asked about this Farook Syed.

  • SnafuNews

    Some piece of crap in the media actually suggested this was a ‘Planned Parenthood shooter’, noting that a clinic is over a mile a way.

    Of course, our Piece of Crap in Chief is out there declaring the need for gun control, while he hides his head in the sand as the world threatens us.

  • BunE22

    I’ve been listening to a San Bernadino police scanner, and before an officer called in a grey Chrysler mini van on a golf course with multiple weapons inside. I haven’t heard anything since. It’s back to chatter about the building, the parking lot, bringing in K9 dogs, etc.

    Not that the van is related to the shooting, but it’s weird just the same.

  • MumuBobby

    Hopefully the next presser the media will have better questions. Why is nobody asking about video? How can there be no video?

  • BearNJ

    He wasn’t a Tea Party member so they didn’t care.

  • Dick_Gosinya

    I wonder if the White House is flying out a “Trump for President” T Shirt to put on the bodies before they announce they’re muslims.

  • BossySnowAngel

    More likely he didn’t fit their agenda.

  • Johnny Wendigo

    Barry Hussein said: “The future does not belong to those who slander the name of martyr Farouk Sayed”

  • Johnny Wendigo

  • jack sprat

    Islamic terrorism!

  • RAW

    2 of the 3 terrorist names are (reportedly at this point): Tayyeep Bin Ardogan & Farouk Saeed

  • bggatbdl

    I am so sick of the NRA and its followers, whether actual or in spirit, causing mass murder in our country. It is will past time the leadership of the NRA was arrested and tried for murder and hate crimes, since women, children, minorities, and gays are often the the hardest by these attacks by NRA-loving gun nuts.

  • Suze

    This happened in California, where one of the strictest gun laws are enforced, and it looks like the two suspects were radical Muslims who had been planning this for some time and could have gotten guns from anywhere, also made shift bombs, So what does the NRA have to do with it.?
    The president of the NRA is there for the people’s second amendment rights, which they insist on. You don’t get to change that. Leave this country if you don’t respect our right to defend ourselves against those who wish to do us harm or to over reaching governments who wish to take that right from us.

    You are not going to change anyone’s minds about self defense in this climate where crazy people are shooting helpless others almost every week now. Why would we want to make ourselves helpless too?
    If anything the events motivates people to better arm themselves, and then when stupid Obama gets on his political soap box threatening to take our guns just when we need them the most, and the implied is the way he would do that is with force, people run to the gun stores….
    I mean this, it almost seems like Obama might be getting a percentage of NRA profits, because he has to know that by drawing negative attention to guns instead of how to solve the problem of Islamic attacks, he is driving the sales up.

    The same thing with your comment about wanting the head of NRA tried for murder.
    And the completely false narrative about who has been killed in these attacks: you really do color your story to fit your agenda.