WTH!? Al Jazeera Guy Says It’s DISRESPECTFUL For Media To Show Terror Bride’s FACE?!?

Some dude said stupid stuff on Twitter. Let me elaborate:

UPDATE – he deleted, but I screenshotted:

hash said deleted tweet 01

Yes, that’s right, an Al Jazeera content producer says that the media should stop showing pictures of the bloodthirsty evil wretched piece of human refuse because it’s disrespectful.

And this one too!!

hashem said deleted tweet

You’re all a bunch of racists!!

He sounds pretty darn offended to me. And they wonder why we ask Muslims to condemn terrorist violence when they seem more concerned with how badly we treat terrorists.

And there’s this:

Uhhh I guess it’s “tragic” because he actually believes this explanation of the motive for 14 people being murdered? It’s so tragic that people had to die because someone made fun of a Muslim’s beard….

I’m putting Hash on my terror watch list.

Political Correctness KILLS: Neighbor Suspicious, Didn’t Report For Fear Of Being Called RACIST!
  • Ntr

    So, they’re claiming an radicalized, extremist Muslim woman as their own? That’s all the proof we need on the supposed “peaceful” religion that Islam is.

  • Ntr

  • Michael Onoo

    She disrespected her family , plaster that picture everywhere

  • chaga

    Then they should have removed her face—–12 gauge w/buckshot will do the job.
    Screw islam!

  • This is why Al Jazzera is flagging in the ratings.

  • Delaney Coffer

    What if the culture deserves no respect because it’s a festering piece of shit? Why give quarter to these Nazis?