Global Warming

Watch ‘Objective Unbiased’ Reporters Cheering And Applauding Global Climate Hoax Deal

It looks like Obama has signed an economic suicide pact with 196 countries, and the “objective” and “unbiased” reporters at the scene couldn’t be more happy about it.

Oops looks like the tweet was wiped out by Global Warming!! Good thing I have this screenshot!!

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It’s like the World Cup. They’re so excited. And objective. Totally unbiased.

This is when they get the announcement that a deal is reached:

They’re applauding objectively, and cheering in an unbiased manner, I’m sure.

So the question now is whether Obama will fail to pass it in the Senate, or if he’ll just say it’s not really a treaty like he did with the Iran deal.

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  • gastorgrab

    What a coincidence! I just made a plan to transform myself into the richest person alive.

    Care to congratulate me on my success? (before I’ve even attempted to implement my plan)


    Step #1 – Make decision to become the richest man alive.
    Step #2 – (still working on this part)
    Step #3 – Enjoy the fruits of my success!!!!!!

  • Trish

    $100b a year to assist poor countries become green friendly. Imagine what that kind of money could do to eradicating disease and poverty? Instead it goes to government coffers as slush funds. I can see why some are celebrating.

  • Cartoonmick

    When all the gloss has gone from the Paris talks,,, when all the
    backslapping has finished,,, when all the dust has settled and all the spin,
    smoke and mirrors have been scraped away ,,,,,, what will we be left with ?
    Yes, WHAT ?

    What effective action has been initiated ? I mean action which really will
    achieve a substantial and real reduction in pollution next week. I mean
    substantial action which will start NOW, and not weak political promises which
    may happen “soon”.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I feel the outcome may look something like this
    cartoon . . . . . . .


  • gastorgrab

    If the money is administered by the UN, then the UN just got a big raise.

    The United States is currently paying 40% of the total bill for the UN, far more than any other nation. Now the tree huggers seem to think that the Americans have committed themselves to more than double their current rate?

    I think not.

  • DeadMessenger

    And not ONE SINGLE THING will come out of it. Not one. In fact, the carbon “pollutant” [eyeroll] will go up, meaning we will need to cough up even more money. You know, until we’re one of the third world banana republics, like every other country will turn into, which, of course, is the actual goal.