Math-challenged Mika Brzezinski Says White Men, Not Muslims, Are ‘WREAKING HAVOK’ In America

I guess Mika Brzezinski had to make up for telling the truth about Hillary’s cowardice in facing the press, and she did it by telling Santorum that he needs to concentrate on white men “wreaking havoc” on America. Santorum responded well.

Watch below:

Now I noticed that she didn’t produce any stats backing up her claim, she just loudly screeches about white males apparently “wreaking havoc” in America. Undoubtedly white men commit some mass gun crimes, and at a higher rate than Muslims in America. But do you think it might be because there are about 70 TIMES AS MANY white people in America as there are Muslims? Unless Mika can produce numbers that show they commit mass murder at 70 times the rates as Muslims, she’s full of it.

Furthermore, the very character of the attacks are completely different – ISIS and al-Qaeda aren’t an “existential” threat to America, but they WANT to be, and if they had the means to destroy all of America, they would do it. There is no organized group of white men who want to destroy America that number in the hundreds of millions, except maybe in Belgium.

But there IS a large number of Muslims within the more than one billion of that religion that sympathize with Jihadists and believe America is the “Great Satan.”

And idiot liberals like Mika Brzezinski want to bring in Syrian refugees when it’s been proven that ISIS uses that program to infiltrate their operatives into the West and attack us, and our government has already shown it does a piss poor job of vetting these Muslim immigrants.

Here’s the segment before those comments where Santorum talked about the “cancer within Islam” that Muslims are ignoring:

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  • gastorgrab

    The left views everything in terms of identity. They think ‘collectively’.

    They cant stand the thought of a world where a person’s rights are not based on their race, creed, or religion. They view the Separation of Classes they propose as a remedy, and not the cause of all thats going wrong.

    The assign identities (rich / poor) based on income, and then they attempt to regulate those identities via ‘Interstate Commerce’. They imply ‘privilege’ along identity lines, and then they try to codify double-standards into law to address those assertions. They demand restitution from social divisions which they created themselves, but they never conduct a trial.

    The collective requires not just political authority, but social authority. It must have identity police.

    What our “Progressive friends” hate the most, I’m afraid, is ‘Equal Rights’. You cant make a collective work properly if all members of that collective have the same level of rights. Someone has to be in charge (the central planner).

    I don’t believe that Islam is the greatest threat our freedom faces. Yes, they represent a foreign invader who wants to kill us. But what is more dangerous to us, I believe, are the traitors who live among us, who would open the city gates and invite the invader inside, to further their own political ends. When they attempt to destroy everything that isn’t useful to them and their political world view, they become a threat.

  • The Serf

    Liberals are dumber than a box of rocks.

    First, liberals argue that the US is the most evil, racist, and imperialist country on Earth run by a white corporate patriarchy that despises black and brown people and Muslims. If that is the case, then why do they want to import so many 3rd worlders into this country to suffer under our exploitative, racist and bigoted culture?

    Second, liberals argue that these poor brown Muslims will turn into terrorists if we hurt their feelings, which is a racist notion in itself. And if Muslims turn into terrorists because of conservative rhetoric, Trump, and proposed immigration restrictions, then that means Americans have every right under liberal sensitivity doctrine to become terrorists and blow up Muslims because of what Muslims do to Americans.

    How come nobody asks liberals if Muslims become terrorists because of us hurting their feelings, then why don’t we become terrorists for them murdering us?

    Liberals are too stupid to even understand their own intellectual contradictions.

  • thinker

    FFS why can’t repubs kick Obama’s no flight list gun ban in the balls, even the ACLU has come out to say its wrong.

  • Jim Denney

    “There is no organized group of white men who want to destroy America
    that number in the hundreds of millions, except maybe in Belgium.”
    Maybe not hundreds of millions, but there at least 500 in DC.

  • lrjrj

    And if you subtract minorities in gangland (most fatherless) & suicides, you have a society that is not very violent. Legal gun owners do not commit crimes with guns.