TRUMP Just Schlonged The Media On Twitter…

donald trump SCHLONGED

Once again, el Trumpo defeats the biased lame-stream media who just want Jeb to win the nomination!! This time the brilliant future president got them to give him more press by merely using the word, “schlong”!!

Of course they went into a tizzy because they hate winners and they’re total losers!!

But as the Donald explains on Twitter, “schlong” is probably the least vulgar word in the English language, and maybe every other language as well!!!

That’s all it means!! How do you like the Trump schlonging YOU, mainstream media?!?!

Ugh. Ok, bad imagery, Donald, but you’re making a good point.

BOOM!!! You got SCHLONGED, media!!

I’ve never seen such a schlonging, have you? Trump WINS AGAIN!!!!

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  • H Hutto

    So, every time the media brings this up, it points to a statement that Hillary was beaten by Obama. Translation, she is a looser. The man’s campaign is a beauty to behold.

  • Pete Futz

    spelled “loser”

  • H Hutto

    Thanks, bad spelling and poor eyesight make for a lot of mistakes sometimes. Appreciate the notice/

  • jukin

    Just a guess but I bet the wood schlonged means $30 million in free advertising in Yiddish now.