Dem Candidates Are LYING About Christmas Deportations In Order To Push Open Borders…

The Democrat presidential candidates are freaking out over reports that the Department of Homeland Security is planning to deport illegal aliens over the “holiday season.” Except they’re completely lying about that.

Watch below:

Notice the language here – they plan to “round up” and deport families. But the operation focuses on families that have already been ordered by a judge to leave the U.S., which means they’ve had their time in court to plead their case, and lost.

That’s not how the Democrats are making it appear:

So what, is the principle here that anyone who comes illegally we just have to accept? Sounds a hell of a lot like open borders to me.

Well, Bernie if we “can’t turn our backs” on people that a JUDGE has deemed unworthy of refugee status, then you want ANYONE to be able to come in illegally.

Hillary’s is the worst:

They already RECEIVED A HEARING. And how does she know they all came “during the holidays”? She’s LYING about that. And what does it matter anyway? Is the principle here that our laws don’t apply around Christmas? I guess I can go rob a bank then, huh Hillinator?

What bothers me here is that no one is really making these politicians face up to what they’re saying because they know the American public is completely against open borders. We know the idiotic leftist press won’t force them to answer that question, but why the hell isn’t ever GOP politician running to every news microphone to accuse them of being for open borders? Idiots.

Here’s another report on the deportations:

I’ve been saying for a long time that Republicans do the worst job of pressing Democrats on this issue. The liberal activists literally push for open borders and ZERO deportations and nearly ALL Americans are against that. Why don’t we force Democrats to denounce these extremists and hurt them for it? It drives me crazy.

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  • Capt_Morgan

    It’s funny how DHS announced these raids a month in advance on the same day new Benghazi emails came out?

  • Michael Onoo

    Obama offers Mexicans free holiday passage to mexico for annual typical tradition. Mexicans routinely return to mexico every year, this year its free. Thank you Obama

  • Buffalobob

    Pure BS peddled by Obama and his nitwit head of HLS.

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  • Michael Onoo

    Which is funnier, Cheech and Chong calling immigration to get their wedding party to Mexico or Obama taking a few thousand Mexicans to Mexico for a two week Xmas holiday?