Pathetic: Martin O’Malley Had Only ONE Supporter Show Up At Last Rally!! LOL!

There must be some kind of limerick that someone could write with this story rhyming “O’Malley” and “Rally.”

Anyway the beleaguered presidential candidate admitted that he held a rally where only one supporter showed up.

Watch below:

The implication is that only one guy was able to trudge through the snow and bad weather, but really, even if there were bright sunshine and free Uber rides to a Martin O’Malley rally, I doubt they’d get to double digits.

According to Politico, it was this dude, whose name is Kenneth:

And as O’Malley admits, Kenneth didn’t even commit to his campaign. Damn.

Now send me your best O’Malley rally limericks in the comments sections, minions.

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  • Reader

    I question what Dean said about Clinton and the debates, as well as his suggestion that Bernie and Martin go off and debate on their own – inviting HIllary if she wants to join them.

    1. My understanding is that they are under contract with the DNC to ONLY debate via the DNC’s arrangements. They are not allowed to debate outside of the DNC’s scheduled debates. So, how in the world is an experienced DP politician like Howard Dean suggesting that they do this, when this has been exactly one of the problems from the beginning?

    2. How does Martin O’Malley not know this either? And when it’s on national news. And how this network highball this as “he asked Bernie and Bernie refused” as if this actually were something they were personally allowed to do?

    3. Lastly, Howard Dean said that HIllary is an excellent debater and that, in and of itself, proves that nothing funny has been going on. This is simply a lot of Fing b.s. Hillary used to be a decent debater, but everyone knows that the reason she lost 2008 primary with Barack Obama – when his numbers were not nearly as good as Bernie’s are now – or the crowds not nearly as large – is that they had 20 debates scheduled, and the more the public heard and got to know Barack Obama, the more they liked him. SO, Howard Dean, I guess HIllary is NOT the fabulous debater you say she is, or some others have believed – it’s more like a myth that people have bought into. And, on top of that, now she has a lot more “stuff” to answer to, with respect to her own record and her financial contributions and her work in the State Dept. In short, HRC can eat her own words – “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” – which is exactly what she is doing now. Scheduling a very small number of debates to try to keep the public from getting to know Bernie, and to hear his challenges to her record on the ISSUES, and to schedule the few that remain during the worst possible time slots for viewer exposure.

    As for Martin O’Malley, he’s either insane to be continuing this campaign with so little interest – or – he is exactly what I’ve suspected from the beginning -he’s a plant to detract attention from the real battle between Bernie and Clinton. And he’s paid to be there in order to help her campaign image. Otherwise who would pay for this nonsense? There are third party and independent candidates who generate more interest in the public than Martin O’Malley. But they don’t have anyone to pay for them to make these appearances. So who’s paying for Martin O’Malley to continue this charade? Ten to one they have money on Clinton, too. And a lot more.

  • Reader

    Postscript: Debbie WS should STEP DOWN as Chair of the DNC. She is photographed at events where she is supposed to be a neutral representative wearing HRC campaign buttons. The Vice Chair should step in, schedule more debates (A LOT more) and at times when the widest number of Americans are likely to see these debates. Gee whiz, it’s ONLY the Presidency of the United States that we’re talking about.

    Just as Jim Webb has stated, the DNC has become nothing more than a campaign headquarters for HRC. This is NOT what democracy looks like and it is not acceptable.

    It is only acceptable to your television network because you’re part of the same Wall St corruption and bribery and payoffs that are destroying our government.

    Well, guess what? Here we come to call you on your lies and to take our country back.

  • Reader

    (You know who “we” are, don’t ya? The American People! WE the People. And pssst! >>> Democratic elections are not supposed to be CORONATIONS.)

  • I don’t believe this for one second. Are you telling me O’Malley had a supporter??

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