Feminist Berates McDonald’s Employee On The ‘Gender Binary’ Of Their HAPPY MEAL TOYS!

I swear liberals are the most miserable pathetic useless people on Earth, and their only mission is to spread their misery to others around them.

Exhibit A – this feminist who went to a McDonald’s:


Good Lord, that’s pathetic. What kind of worthless person does this?

Here’s how she continued:

This is just sad.

And after people start criticizing her for it, she *kinda* apologizes, but it sounds more like an embittered angry sarcastic dismissal:


Somehow I doubt she’s learned her lesson. And the only reason she regrets it is because McDonald’s workers get paid so little. What a sad life…

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  • theGOONIES

    The real shame is she has procreated

  • She mistook her wackademic discipline for real life.

  • Surf Tech

    What a miserable cunt. And I don’t mean that in any gender binary way.

  • What the hell is a “gender binary”? Does the silly bitch think all children consist of two parts? Is she comparing a child to a math function that uses 2 for a base instead of 10? What is she talking about? The loons get loonier every day.