Last Month, Obama Admin Said There’s No WAY North Korea Had A Hydrogen Bomb…

One of the most unstable regimes on the planet apart from the Kardashian family has announced that they have successfully tested a Hydrogen Bomb. 

And just like with the “JV Team” of ISIS, the idiot-in-chief said just a month ago that this was impossible.

From the BBC on December 10th:

The White House has dismissed a suggestion by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that his country possesses a hydrogen bomb.

The country was “ready to detonate a self-reliant A-bomb and H-bomb”, state news agency KCNA quoted him as saying.

If true, the development would mark a significant advancement in North Korean nuclear capabilities.

But White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Washington’s evidence “calls into serious question” Pyongyang’s claim.

“We take very seriously the risk and the threat that is posed by the North Korean regime in their ambitions to develop a nuclear weapon,” Mr Earnest added.

Mr Kim made the remarks as he inspected a historical military site in the capital Pyongyang.

The work of his grandfather Kim Il-sung had turned North Korea into a “powerful nuclear weapons state ready to detonate a self-reliant A-bomb and H-bomb to reliably defend its sovereignty and the dignity of the nation”, he was quoted as saying.

Well then.

Thank goodness we have a dull-witted race-baiting celebrity in charge of the free world.

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  • Josh

    Everything that man says is a lie. Just like Hillary.

  • ATrober

    Review the history, we owe Bill Clinton’s White House tenure the honors of this situation.

  • Press Watchusa

    NObama is an IDIOT – his mind is on bizarro world – where everything is opposite

  • Valerie

    Spot on!

  • Chish

    Absolutely, and I did review. Here’s a quote from Clinton’s presser on the Norks

    “Before I take your questions, I’d like to say just a word about the framework with North Korea that Ambassador Gallucci signed this morning. This is a good deal for the United States,” Clinton said at the press conference.

    “North Korea will freeze and then dismantle its nuclear program. South Korea and our other allies will be better protected. The entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons.

  • Keith Thompson

    No, you’re wrong.

    Here’s an excerpt from the White House daily press briefing, Dec 10, 2015:

    Q Moving on to another topic, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appeared on Thursday to claim that his country has developed a hydrogen bomb. Is that something that the White House takes seriously? His claim?

    MR. EARNEST: We certainly are concerned about the policies and intent and destabilizing actions of the North Korean regime. At this point, the information that we have access to calls into serious question those claims. But we take very seriously the risk and the threat that is posed by the North Korean regime and their ambitions to develop a nuclear weapon that doesn’t just threaten our close allies in South Korea, but could have a pretty destabilizing impact and even a national security threat to other countries in the region.

    So the United States does take this quite seriously.

    Source: https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2015/12/11/daily-press-briefing-press-secretary-josh-earnest-121015

    This is not the President saying a North Korean H-bomb is “impossible”. This is the President’s spokesman expressing both serious concern and reasonable doubt about North Korean claims.

    As of today, the day after the test, there is *still* serious doubt that they actually tested an H-bomb. It’s suggested that an H-bomb would have produced a much more powerful quake than the 5.1 that was detected.

  • jukin

    Preznint’ sh1t midas strikes again! !