Pathetic: Muslim Immigrant BLAMES GERMANY For New Year’s Eve Rape Mob!

In this pretty remarkable report from across the pond, a Channel 4 News reporter talks to a recent immigrant to Germany who defends the recent Cologne rape mob by blaming the German government.

Watch below:

He seriously says that because it takes Germany so long to process the immigrants that they are driven to crime.

I mean, even if you thought that this was a reasonable excuse for crime that might support their existence, that’s NOT what happened – they sexually assaulted more than a hundred girls!! It’s unbelievable that this guy would think that was a good excuse to go around raping people. Is this one of those “moderate” Muslims?

To be fair, he wasn’t identified as Muslim, that is an assumption on my part.

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  • disqus_K4huvpBpBk

    Sorta like when I am put on hold on the telephone by a company it makes me rape people.

  • djm1992

    No Fahed. If you’re desperate enough for money to commit crimes because you can’t work, you don’t go out sexual assaulting -you go out and commit crimes that put money in your pocket…

    IF Germany had any balls, any refugee/migrant arrested for these acts would be immediately deported back to where they originated from, and would be told if they were ever found in Germany again, they’d be shot. Not arrested and put on trial, not re-deported to their country of origin, just shot, cremated and dumped in the nearest river without any kind of religious ceremony at all……….

  • djm1992

    “Damnit, I can’t work for six months and I have no money. What can I do? I know! I’ll go out and gang rape/ sexually assault some girls! That will generate me TONS of cash!!!”

  • Claire Keeler

    Stealing bread, groping girls…. It’s basically the same