Obama Will Highlight SYRIAN REFUGEE Guest At His Last State Of The Union Speech!

Obama, just like he said he would, is siding with the Muslims now that the political winds are showing what a threat Muslim immigrants are to the country.

This is to be his last State of the Union speech, so of course he’s going to use it to politicize as much possible his favorite policy – to bring in as many Muslims as possible.

Will there be a San Bernardino shooting survivor to showcase just how awesomely the government is able to vet these immigrants? I’m guessing…. NO.

Obama Spokeshole Has PRICELESS Reaction To AP’s Matt Lee Asking Why Obama Is In A ‘Fantasy World’

  • honestynow

    0 gives Americans the finger any chance he gets.

  • Arab Muslim shooting hoaxes have a double edge Agenda:
    1) Trash the Bill of Rights;
    2) Propagate Religious hatred thus galvanize with the opposition religion;
    3) Theocratic control of the masses & promotion of Divide & Conquer the people of USA.