Here’s What ‘New York Values’ Are, Straight From Donald Trump’s Own Tweets!

This whole debate over “New York values” is completely annoying to me as a conservative who was told by New York’s twice elected Governor to get the hell of his state, along with every other conservative.

But I digress. If you want to know what “New York values” really means, all you need to do is check out the Donald’s own tweets about the place!!

Anthony Weiner is New York values:


Record unemployment is New York values:

And by the way, most upstate New Yorkers would agree with Cruz’s criticism of New York City values…

NY values is… a carjacking epidemic you can’t defend yourself from because Mike Bloomberg took your gun away:

Speaking of which, gun grabbing, soda banning, salt hoarding Mike Bloomberg is New York Values:

He’s so New York Values he took his millions and tried to impose gun grabbing laws in Colorado and FAILED.

Don’t forget Ebola BEDLAM!!


People are leaving the “mess” that New York values made in record numbers!!

Why are they leaving? New York values welfare and pays better than jobs!!

And Never Forget… the New York Giants aren’t even IN New York!! They were evicted to Joisey!!

Yeah.. I live in New York, and talking to people, I know EXACTLY what Ted Cruz is talking about when he criticizes “New York values.” I wrote more about that here.

That Video Of Marco Rubio Supposedly Supporting Carbon Credits In 2008 IS DECEPTIVELY EDITED!!
  • Hans Pfall

    You can trash Trump all you like. Just remember that you’re trashing most of the people who might come here to see what you have to say. Trump isn’t perfect, but he is the one guy who could win, shake things up and get some stuff done. Once we clean house and gut the Republican Party of their hacks, then we can look for a more genteel fellow to run for office.

  • Barbara Ann

    So how long did you spend on scrolling to 2012? You gotta be kidding.
    I live in Philadelphia, its a disgusting city now but I wouldn’t want a Presidential Candidate saying it.

  • you think most of my readers are new yorkers? what?

  • We small time flyover hicks don’t scroll, we use the search function.

  • Barbara Ann

    Exactly. Trump is not perfect. No one is. But I believe with every drop of blood that flows through my veins that he can fix the mess that we have. I believe he really loves of our Country . He doesn’t need the money, he already has money, he doesnt want control, he is a man who has a lot of control

  • Barbara Ann

    Yea, right

  • creeper

    Weak, Soop…very weak.

    You should hear some of the insults Iowans hurl at their state. But let an outsider take a shot at us and we will close ranks every time.

  • Sue Borden

    Trump is calling attention to the perverts and criminals seeking their shame and expulsion. All cities have them. How about kudos for attempting to purge the city of them. He gets thanks from me!

  • Jester

    Sooper, the point is that Cruz is a MASSIVE HYPOCRITE being a smarmy, cunning, chameleon like character with the values of a mole. Trump has been a wheeling dealing businessman glad handing, shmoozing, vacillating in his public political leanings and paying off politicians on both sides of the spectrum which he needed to in order to advance his business interests and ultimately employ lots of people who seem to genuinely appreciate working for him. Whereas Cruz is a Carpetbagging globalist politician in cowboy clothing and has no business contradicting himself. Since Trump has run for office, he has been consistent with his message and his positions showing his true inner beliefs now when it counts.

  • Mother124

    Apparently you should be censoring all anti-Trump “rhetoric” on your site, at the risk of losing visitors.

  • Mother124

    No one says NYC is disgusting, only that its values are different from those of flyover America.

  • Hans Pfall

    No, not New Yorkers, but an awful lot of us want a WINNER. Hey, I love Ted…he’s got great ideas, and is more…how to say this…conventionally Presidential in his demeanor. But (a) I don’t think he can win and (b) right now, I want a snarling, rabid dog in office that is (more or less) for me and my interests. Trump fits that bill. Bashing Trump is going to turn off a whole lot of very patriotic, VERY pissed-off people in this country who see him as the last, best hope.

    My comfort zone would be someone like Eisenhower…that’s where I’m at. A guy that is really good at what he does, lays low, speaks softly and keeps government relatively small (by today’s standards, anyhow). I like the idea of government operating in the background, not forcing itself into every aspect of my life. That said, this ain’t the 50’s and we’ve got a lot of progressive crap to unravel. Unless we get a truly independent, over-the-top, bigger-than-life guy in there who just doesn’t give a sh** what people think, we’re lost.

    Trump (for now), Cruz next. That’s how I see it.

  • Hans Pfall

    Amen, Barbara! We both know that Trump has lots of faults. If I want perfection, I’ll go to the Lord. For now, we need a man like Trump to shake things up and put them back on a sensible track. A guy that at least TALKS like he’s for America, not some quasi-foreign intellectual who always puts America, Christians and white people down as the root cause of all the world’s problems.

  • GrimmCreeper

    Trump and Obama share the belief system that government is the answer to most problems. Where Trump differs is that he believes we currently have the wrong government personnel. Change the bodies and the problems will all be fixed. Trump is Obama with a little bit of business sense and a lot more money. Excess government is the problem regardless of who is in charge.

  • Debra Carey

    THE POINT WAS that Trump KNOWS exactly what Cruz meant by ‘New York values’ and played stupid.


    He played PC

  • mathewsjw
  • Mother124

    You can read Trump’s tweets, in light of his “NY values,” describe him the way you do, and not see hypocrisy?

  • Jester

    In this age of hypocrisy, there is hypocrisy and there is hypocrisy. In my estimation any of Trump’s hypocrisy in the past was what most moguls engage in to get business done. Since his political campaign any hypocrisy he has displayed has been mild and is more akin to a “two step” to battle the ferocious onslaught of the establishment machine who sees him as a threat to their hegemony and a champion of the average beleaguered American. In other words, white lies for a good cause. Ted Cruz entire life has been one big hypocritical facade, and since his days in public office all at the expense of those he is supposed to represent, who he has simply used as a stepping stone to power egged on by special interests including is greedy Globalist wife.

  • Kyle Lyles

    Draft Dodging Donnie is a Liberal New York Democrat LOSER!

    Carry on.

  • Kyle Lyles

    They don’t teach that in NY schools. It’s all about how to get a free abortion, paid for by tax payers.

  • Kyle Lyles
  • Hans Pfall

    OK, fine. Back Cruz. The RINO’s will support him until the convention. Then he’ll be left out to twist in the wind, they’ll shove Ryan or Rubio in as the “consensus” candidate, nominate him by acclamation, and (per the plan) hand it to Hillary for eight.

    Carry on.