Donald Trump Is Going Nuclear-Stupid On Twitter Like We All Knew He Would Eventually!!

El Trumpo is having a full blown freak out on Twitter against Ted Cruz. There are four stages so far in this social media political war.


How is this any different from people pointing out two of his wives were immigrants? It’s only tangentially connected.

Again, the Donald is just desperately grasping at straws here. Had Ted Cruz told one crowd that he was for gay marriage and another against, he might be hypocritical, but that’s not the case.


Here’s now CNN reports Ted’s response:

Cruz declined to comment on the Times report when asked by a CNN reporter during an appearance in Columbia, South Carolina on Friday. But speaking to reporters at a church not far from Charlotte on Saturday, Cruz, who once declined to attack Trump, shed any caution he may have had about laying into his top rival.

“I would note that Donald’s record does not match what he says as a candidate,” Cruz said, gamely tackling questions he routinely swatted away for seven months.

Cruz also aggressively ridiculed Trump’s obsession with the latest opinion surveys, saying that Trump’s attacks on Twitter come because he is “dismayed” about a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showing a competitive race.

“I imagine it pulled him out of bed this morning and send him tweeting and tweeting and tweeting,” he said. “I think in terms of a commander in chief, we ought to have someone who isn’t springing out of bed to tweet in a frantic response to the latest poll.

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Cruz referred repeatedly to an interview Trump did with NBC News’ Tim Russert 17 years ago, in which he defines his “New York values” as distinct from “Iowa values.” Cruz said those values — pro-abortion rights, including supporting partial birth abortion and pro-gay marriage — explained Trump’s world view. And he dredged up the former Democrat’s donation history to some of the state’s leading politicians, including Hillary Clinton.

“Given the fact that for much of his life, Donald was financially supporting those politicians — writing checks to Hillary Clinton, writing checks to Andrew Cuomo — it is a fair inference that he supports their policies,” Cruz said.

The Texas senator, then asked for some differences on national security between him and Trump, offered that was unaware of what Trump’s foreign policy is.

“To be honest, I don’t know what Donald’s position is,” Cruz said.


Oddly, the full statement is a little different as the reporting above cut out a few sentences:


After this, Mark Levin jumped in and warned Trump to cut the crap, as I posted at the Right Scooooop.


Maybe because they believe in other things too? That’s kinda how you do politics – you prioritize your political preferences, because unless you’re an unthinking mindless zombie, you’re never going to agree 100% with a politician. Oh wait.. that reminds me of…

What the hell? Is he really saying Ted Cruz should be kicked out of politics? He’s going rabid foaming at the mouth!!! Call a medic!!!

Weird, he hasn’t asked this of Hillary.

This guy has flip flopped on nearly every conservative issue in the last ten years and he’s casting stones from the most fragile of glass houses. I think he’s trying to drag Cruz into the gutter because he thinks he can best him in a contest of who can be dirtier. I doubt Cruz will take the bait.


And then… the coup’d’crap….

Dude. Are you serious right now. Damn.

I’m not a big fan of the Trump, but it’s pretty clear that he’s just plain losing it here.

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  • Hans Pfall

    I guess those millions of Trump supporters are also “Nuclear Stupid”? C’mon man…

  • SteveP

    I utterly detest Trump and pray for his implosion.

  • SteveP

    Yes. I call them Trumptards.

  • Deserttrek

    typical liberal … invent a stupid word to demean people

  • VL123

    Actually I call them Trumpets. B/c they whine and blare like a trumpet! LOL GO CRUZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VL123


  • mackykam

    NY values makes them ” gay strumpets!”

  • Louie Armstrong

    The Repube-licking party has brought this upon themselves.
    Time to pay the piper, this is what boot licking Obama gets them!

  • well. tens of millions of dumbfucks voted for Obama. So YES. It’s possible.

  • your fucking candidate mocked a woman’s menstrual cycle. are you seriously gonna pull the “civility card”? lol

  • Astounds me how supposed “conservatives” buy that the constitutional eligibility of Cruz, Rubio, Jindal aren’t important. Until Cruz – the alleged constitutional expert – actually defends his position with legal rationale (which he has yet to do), I see nothing wrong with challenging the issue. I am NOT a Trump supporter – but DEMS have already said they will file injunction against Cruz if he is nominated. This is serious sh**. Moreover, amazing how fellow conservatives totally oblivious that John Jay and Geo Washington changed original draft of Constitution from “citizen” to “natural born citizen”. Cruz/Rubio arguing that there is no difference. Just unbelievable. Any iranian, Russian or Chinese born citizen with 1 US parent could become Prez. NOT what Founders wanted.

  • mathewsjw

    Trump’s got it correct on 9/11 New York values:

    however dust up’s besmirching 9/11 twin towers does not sit well with families:

  • mathewsjw

    so get ready for same 4 Trump, as anchor baby Trump’s got parents of German Father & Scot Mother with No paperwork of naturalized citizen @ time of birth.

    btw anchor baby citizenship has NOT gone to the SCotUS in prior citizenship cases, nor likely lower courts.

  • Deserttrek

    only a true idiot thinks that .. so go and stew in your stupidity

  • Johnny Monday

    Yes. You’re right. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • thetreyman

    you’re not PC enough for the Trumpkins.

  • thetreyman

    You PC, Bro?

  • Not only is that untrue, it’s not what Cruz himself distorted in the debate. Cruz (the supposed constitutional scholar) claimed NBC requires both parents be born on US soil. SCOTT’S ruling Happerstadt, John Jays letter to George Washington, and the first 3 immigration acts all clearly restate NBC as US soil born, to 2 citizen parents

  • Listen, I’m not thrilled with Trump, but even if Cruz stood a chance to win (he doesn’t, his negatives with the independents who will decide the election are already higher than his favorables BEFORE the MSM had gone to work on him), it would be nice for him to quit using liberal tactics and simply explain his legal rationale.

  • AlecJ

    Its the ultimate honorable man, Ted Cruz vs. The ultimate nuclear meatball, Donald Trump.

    I know who i choose.

  • mathewsjw

    you mean Liberal Progressive Trump explain legal rational?? believe that’s called ‘concern troll’ or take your pick of Saul Alinsky tactics…

    or do you mena Constitutional Lawyer Cruz that knows to only give legal rational in submitting a legal document… no argument.

  • mathewsjw

    agree not what Cruz said, however as Cruz implied there are many false birther claims implying said claims are bogus.

    go back to the birther websites as the Anchor baby one remains Trump’s issue.

  • It gets worse I just learned. Since Canada did not allow dual citizenship until 7 years AFTER Cruz was born, Cruz would NEVER have been a US Citizen unless his mother filed a US Consular Report of Birth Abroad. http://www.examiner.com/article/proof-that-ted-cruz-did-not-become-a-us-citizen-at-birth

    Whether this turns out to be the case or not, Fiornia, Huckabee, Paul and Trump all are likely correct the DEMS would use it politically and legally to at least tie up the nomination – if not screw up the GOP nomination altogether.

    Again – George Washington specifically cited foreign influence as the single greatest danger to America and presided over the change from “citizen” to “natural born citizen.” Many conservative idiots just want to laugh it off without realizing the consequences of WHY they did this. At least Obama has the illusion of being born in Hawaii. The unwillingness to address this (if Cruz is nominated as either P or VP) may open the doors for any Chinese, Saudi or Iranian-born citizen (think Valarie Jarrett) to suddenly have control of the White House and it’s power. Laugh all you want – but if it was important enough to George Washington, John Jay, John Adams, George Mason and Benjamin Franklin it certainly warrants an honest debate IMHO.

  • mathewsjw

    this is ALL a Distraction by Losing Candidates, a few things break the birther argument:

    1) Cruz’s mother was not in Canada long enough 2 be Canadian Citizen so Cruz’s mother was ONLY US citizen @ time of Cruz birth means Cruz is natural born citizen, because only other type is naturalized (btw this was covered in Cruz’s Senate campaign)

    2) Canadian law DOES NOT MATTER only US Constitution and Law passed under US Constitution and the US SCotUS rulings.

    3) Only Loser 2 Cruz in primary or opponent/citizen after primary have grounds to sue as have to show loss/damages (as came out in Obama Birther suits getting thrown out).

    this actually is a distraction as any birther or other citizenship claim has not passed even SCotUS review to accept the case, that’s why so few cases.

    it’s not worthy of debate, file a suit that will decide… meanwhile less worthy candidates will fall by wayside.

  • mathewsjw

    actually Cruz’s is the most favorable of GOP candidates, the rank is Cruz, Carson, Rubio, Bush and Trump finishes last

    you must work for the Trump campaign as this is the first mention of Cruz attributed as liberal in same sentence.

  • that’s a complete misrepresentation of what he said.

  • Mossomo

    It will not be good year for you.

  • Jeffery Rightmire

    Millions of Trump supporters are not wrong, this post is–

  • I disagree. Read the transcript. (I did). He explicitly makes the entire point that Trumps mother would have to be born on US soil, which no one claims. I know you love to fire rapidly – but you might want to check your ammo first…

  • I do not work for the Trump campaign and agree Cruz is more conservative. But nice try… (Uhmm…Donald holds double digit (as much as 20+) in national lead over Cruz so no – Cruz is not “most favorable”

  • Not in Canada long enough? Are you crazy? According to Canadian law not only would she have automatically been a Canadian citizen when she married Cruz’s father (who elected Canadian citizenship and not US btw) – we have yet to see the Counslar Report of Birth required for him to elect for US Citizenship from his mother. (Canada did not allow dual citizenship until 7 years after Cruz was born.) Cruz’s mother was in Canada until Ted was 4…. and shows up on Canadian voter roles. I think that’s long enough

  • mathewsjw

    in the debate Cruz said would not hold Scot Mother against Trump (the anchor baby)

    btw Anchor baby as not been adjudicated by ANY Federal Court so likely would be stronger than natural born birther orgy

  • mathewsjw

    wrong head to head polls so it’s very close nationally between Trump and Cruz.. and Trump Loses to Hillary, Trump Ties Sanders while Cruz or Rubio each beat Hillary/Sanders

    vote split helps Trump as Establishment GOP always helps their own.

  • SteveP

    Not liking Trump doesn’t mean I’m a liberal, meathead. I’m way to the right of Reagan. You know Trump’s not a conservative, right? That he’s supported leftist politicians (especially the Clintons) and causes to the tune of many millions of dollars? That he’s expressed leftist positions on issues for years, until he started running for president?