Turning Point? Trump BOOED When He Tries CHEAP SHOTS At Ted Cruz…

It’s really beginning to look like the tide is turning for Ted Cruz against Trump. I’ve never seen a crowd boo him for railing on another candidate, but that’s exactly what happened in South Carolina.

Watch below:

More from NBC:

Among conservatives, Donald Trump can typically do no wrong — until he attacks Ted Cruz.

On Saturday, Trump drew boos from a grassroots conservative crowd during remarks at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention for his attack on Cruz’s previously undisclosed loans.

“You give a campaign contribution to Ted Cruz, you get whatever the hell you want,” he said, before boos erupted from the crowd.

Trump went on as the boos grew louder: “Say whatever you want, it’s okay, he didn’t report his bank loans. He’s got bank loans from Goldman Sachs, he’s got bank loans from Citibank, folks, and then he acts like Robin Hood?”

One man in the crowd, 71-year-old Air Force veteran Joe Bates, stood up and shouted angrily, wagging his finger at the candidate.

Trump continued: “You know, say whatever you want, but it doesn’t work that way.”

Wow. Finally Trump has hit a wall where his cheap shots aren’t being accepted anymore by conservatives.

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  • Angela Hale

    I watched it and they were booing Cruz, not Trump. Nice try, though.

  • kingdombuilder

    Over hyped video/media reaction. A few boos (against Trump or Cruz/Goldman Sachs?) and bigger applause at the end. FAR from an election turning point or “wall.”

  • mathewsjw

    Cruz also appeared, No booing, No Heckles…

  • That was more than a cheap shot. Mischaracterizing the bank loans is one thing; they should have been disclosed, but there was no special treatment and they borrowed against their own assets, it was no political favor. But here Trump directly alleges Cruz’ vote is for sale. That is a very serious charge which comes close to meeting the “reckless disregard for the truth” standard for libeling public figures (but effectively impossible to meet in political campaigns).

  • gman2

    Says the liberal Yankee.

  • gman2

    You wish.

  • adamkon1104

    Aside from the cheap shots at Ted Cruz. Listen to what Trump is saying. He can make America great again by bringing in the right manager’s, the best negotiators.
    He’s not talking about reducing the size of government smaller. It’ll be just as big, just managed better.
    He’s a statist.

  • kingdombuilder

    LOL, wrong. But thanks for playing guess the political affiliation of the poster game. #1: The modern day Democrat Party (associated with Liberals) is Socialist heading toward Communist – I would never be a part of a Party on that end of the political spectrum. #2: I’m not from NY (assuming that’s what the Yankee remark refers to) I live in TX. **IF YOU THINK I’M LYING ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CHECK MY FACEBOOK PAGE (Christopher Conlin)

  • kingdombuilder

    What many are responding to is the Nationalism (as opposed to international globalist) and fighting spirit he communicates. People are tired of blame America 1st open borders allow self to get run over mentality the Republican Party has shown the last few years

  • NCMountainGirl

    Trump’s supporters remind me more and more of Obama supporters in 2008. Neither group is willing to listen yo information that is not flattering to their illusion of a secular savior.

  • Margaret Doty Hensley

    …and I seem to remember Mr. Trump acknowledging that he gave donations to various liberal politicians in the past because “that’s how I got things done.” Which sounds to me like purchasing political favors, which is monumentally unethical. And THIS is what America wants? SMH

  • emaleroland

    I trust you.

  • tops116

    So, in effect, what you’re saying is that Trump supporters are only supporting him because of what he’s saying at this very moment. That means this link is quite appropriate for Trump supporters everywhere; really sums them up:


    “People are tired of blame America 1st open borders allow self to get run over mentality the Republican Party has shown the last few years”

    And the way to fix that is to elect a thin-skinned lifelong liberal who supports single payer, who supports funding for Planned Parenthood, who supports taking away 2nd Amendment rights from those on the No-Fly List, and who has absolutely no substance behind his various policy positions. Hey, if you want to vote for Barack Obama 2.0, that’s your business, but many of us have seen where that road leads and prefer a quality candidate. It’s debatable whether Cruz would make a good president or not, but it’s a given that Trump (a loudmouth moron with no clue and more bankruptcies than divorces) isn’t even fit to run the gate outside the White House.

  • tops116

    “I’m not from NY (assuming that’s what the Yankee remark refers to) I live in TX.”

    Then you should know better.

  • tops116

    Trump has never been as entertaining as when he’s being booed by a crowd.

  • Matt_SE

    It’s hard to admire talents that are used in the service of evil.

  • Matt_SE

    I guess Trump must not remember the pariah treatment Cruz got for bucking the establishment. Cruz is one man who’s already bled for the cause, and more than most.

  • Kelly Laraia

    Trump turns everything into a personal attack. He can’t talk in detail on the substance of issues, so he goes with the taunts and insults. Now he is engaged in friendly fire…insulting conservatives.

  • Moonzoo

    Everyone clap hands and wish REAL HARD! One of these times the wish might possibly become true!

  • AlecJ

    Trump’s a chump. Its becoming clear.

    He has one game, its bully then bloviate.

    You can only get so far tearing everyone down. Eventually, you have to say something of substance. I truly believe, Trump doesnt know how to be thoughtful.

    Im not sure whats worse. The fact that Trump relies on a 2nd grade vocabulary because thats all he feels comfortable with…..or the fact that he relies on a 2nd grade vocabulary because he thinks thats all we are comfortable with.

  • J.J. Sefton

    I like Trump and how he has turned this election on its head. But to go after Cruz based on a nothing-burger non-controversy is just too much. He only did it because he knows Cruz is gaining on him big time – he even admitted it at the last debate. Want to attack a candidate? Fine, do it based on his positions and from the right. All Trump is doing is handing the Left a weapon to attack a great candidate and a shiny squirrel to distract from the real issues. Ironically the issues that Trump brought everyone’s attention to all those months ago.

    Cruz/Sessions ’16

  • jaimo

    Well I’m a trump supporter after Cruz but how come nobody is bringing up trumps bankruptcies

  • GrayRider

    Cheap Shots? Apparently when your all in with idol worship on a candidate pointing out the truth about unsecured non disclosed million dollar campaign ‘loans’ from Goldman Sachs and Citibank are cheap shots.

  • kingdombuilder

    I’m not convinced Trump is as liberal today as you describe and obviously 30 to 40% (depending on which poll one goes to) don’t think so either. He supported Romney, Ron Paul, and others in the Republican and libertarian political spectrum, even had good things to say about the Tea Party movement when most if not all other liberals did not. I don’t know too many 2nd Amendment supporting, probably borders, pro Christian/religious freedom, pro American worker liberals do you? At the very least there is no hint he hates the country like the current occupant of 1300 Pennsylvania Ave. Just not convinced he will be as horrible as some say he will be. By the way, for the record Trump is NOT my 1st choice for President/Republican nomination so don’t assume I’m just a Trump supporting troll.

  • kingdombuilder

    I think the issue is the loans in question were not reported. I think the whole birth citizenship should be dropped but the loans issue might have merit.I completely agree though that if not for Trump the open borders/immigration issue would be no where as big a discussion as it is. Because of that he deserves credit. It also shows in my view if he is still liberal deep down he’s not in the same cloth as Obama and others. Regan Democrat perhaps.

  • kingdombuilder

    As well as Republican

  • kingdombuilder

    Gullible: Well doesn’t that describe all people? Why limit it to just supporters of Trump? Unless your telling me you have NEVER been fooled by anyone or anything.

  • kingdombuilder

    Trump was is the one way ahead in most polls. Cruz fired the 1st shots (so to speak) which makes sense given he was the one behind. Trump responded when attacked, was he expected to just sit and do nothing while watching Cruz gained in some polls? Politics is ugly, was and always will be no matter who the candidates are. Does he go too far or engage in issues that have little or no merit in his responses (birth citizenship for example)? Yes, but he doesn’t taunt/engage without reason.

  • ThenStand

    Most of the time, Trump has evaded answering questions in detail. He uses loud accusations against others that detract from the real issues. Trump is not giving us the answers we need and he keeps changing the target or his core principles, making them very unclear.