Here’s The YUGE Evidence That Sarah Palin Will ENDORSE TRUMP Tomorrow!

Earlier today el Trumpo announced a very special surprise guest for a rally tomorrow:

Immediately, people began speculating as to who it could be. It appears that there’s some strong evidence that it will be…. SARAH PALIN!!! Ok, that was a crappy reveal because I had already put in the headline, but still. WOW! Sarah Palin!?!?!?!

Here’s why people are saying it’s Palin – apparently someone found a chartered plane going from Anchorage, Alaska, out to Iowa.

That makes sense, but it could be anyone, right? Well then the second leg of that plane’s trip is out to Tulsa – which is the site of the Donald’s NEXT rally!!

This totally fits the tone and tenor of the Trump presidential campaign as he loves grabbing headlines and soaking up the spotlight. But would it significantly change the election or has Palin’s pull among the base been eroded? We’ll find out tomorrow!!

And I thought the Trump campaign couldn’t get any more histrionic!! I can’t wait!! Shoot me now!!

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  • beebee

    I like Palin, and think she got a raw deal from the establishment & media back in 08. That said, she’s SO eager to get back in the faces of those who dissed her, she just can’t see she’s most likely being used by Trump to force the tea party to support him. (and to diss Cruz, since she endorsed his Senate run)

    That could come back to haunt her & the tea party movement for a very long time if things go wrong with Trump, as they probably will. I think she’s making an enormous mistake.

    So if Trump loses IA, will he blame Palin? Probably; it’s his track record to blame others when things go wrong. Her endorsement will mean exactly nothing in NH.

    Her endorsement does not/will not affect my vote in any way whatsoever. Thankfully, I’m not so weak minded that I need to rely on endorsements to help me make political decisions. I will never vote for Trump, under any circumstances, for any reason. Ever.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Cruz not eligible to run for President. America does not need another word-weaseling lawyer junior Senator with dubious citizenship.

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