Oh Lord, Blacks Are Gonna Kill Stacey Dash For Saying This…

Fox News conservative commentator Stacey Dash didn’t hold back on what she sees as cultural segregation and called for the doing away of black-centric awards and channels.

Oh damn. They’re gonna hunt her down and kill her for this. That opinion is NOT allowed in Obama’s racially harmonious America!!! Now I have to say I don’t agree with her here. People should have the freedom to associate however they want. But America is about 70% whites. Of course you’re going to have awards shows with just whites on occasion. It’s OK to “raise awareness” about it, but the black activists talking about this seem more militant than that. If anything, it should show them the hypocrisy of the liberal left who don’t practice what they preach.  Instead, they’d rather threaten and insult Stacey Dash:



She responded to one idiot from her Twitter account:

Ahhh yeah, a lot of Obama-level liberal tolerance right here.

Oh and by the way, it’s Stacey Dash’s 49th birthday too. And she looks unbelievably gorgeous:


Maybe they’re just a little bit jealous….

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  • kaley c

    she is 100% correct.

  • SharpestJim

    Of course, she is. But she’s not unlike Col Allen West, Angela McGlowan, Deneen Borelli, Kevin Jackson, David Webb, et al. And, true to form, the left has become absolutely unhinged as evidenced by their tweets of “tolerance”.

    They love to go after conservatives in general. But when it is a conservative of color, they show THEIR true colors. Their vitriol in their posts must be read to be believed. You simply can’t make up this kind of liberal hypocrisy.

  • Fali

    Spot on lady!!

  • Ross Blankert

    As an American, she has the constitutional right to speak what she believes. This gorgeous lady just states the obvious. Making race the issue for every single thing is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Claire Keeler

    I’m a straight woman, but dayum!!!!!

  • No kidding. 49?

  • SchmierrNippel

    Po po black folk can’t stand reality