Here’s That Time Trump Called A Candidate DISLOYAL For SKIPPING A DEBATE…

El Trumpo is once again grabbing the headlines and the spotlight by the throat with his announcement that he won’t be attending the Fox News debate after he says he just couldn’t take the “wiseguy” press statement they put out.

Well, ironically, someone else did that in 2012 and later dropped out of the race.

Here’s what he had to say about that:

Yeah, you’re right Donald, that was extremely disloyal!!!

Not a lot of courage!!

People should reject ANY candidate who refuses to do a debate!!

The gall of Michele Bachmann!!! Oh wait.. wait.. no nevermind.

Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson: ‘Any PURE BREEDS Left?’ After Lamenting Obama And Romney
  • MsRR

    Trump is not qualified to be the POTUS and he knows it. If he is questioned and forced to answer, he will be exposed. The only thing he can say is “I’m going to make America great again” or “I’m going to build a wall and Mexico will pay for it”. Megyn Kelly is his excuse to get out of the debate.

  • dcnj

    “Trump is not qualified to be the POTUS”

    Who is? At least he isn’t beholden to his super pac friends. I doubt any of them will be stepping on toes after they are elected.

    The system is corrupt. The joke is on us.

    We put Republicans in power and what good did it do?
    I have absolutely no idea who I will vote for. Trump has definitely hit a nerve and attacking each other is a complete waste of time.

  • MsRR

    NO, instead he is beholden to everyone who ever treated him well or did business with him, including GEORGE SOROS, and many middle eastern countries.
    Not only did he do business with Soros, and borrow money from him, they were co-defendants in a RICO suit.
    I am not at all certain an election will “fix” anything, but I am totally certain Trump won’t. For 30 or more years he has been part of the crony capital system that got us where we are today. He’s a big government guy. NOT what we need.
    None of the candidates are perfect or ideal, but most are a better bet.

  • james

    Trump will prove you wrong. He will make a great president!

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