Must Watch! This Trump versus Trump Debate Is Hilariously Revealing!!

Stephen Colbert is almost unwatchable now that he has his own show and is even more honest about being far left-wing, but I have to admit this debate they put together of Trump debating himself is pretty hilarious.

Watch below:

Colbert splices together all of the major times that Trump said one exaggerated thing and then later made the opposite extremely exaggerated claim, but he makes it very entertaining.

I think you could forgive him the ones that are about his personal preferences, but really, is Trump a reliable leader when everything has to be extremely hated, or completely loved – and often they’re the same thing months apart?

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  • deb dadin

    Read the art of the deal.. all explained there.. the insanity has a method 😉
    besides Trump is very open about why he said that about clinton for example.