WOW! Ted Cruz CONVERTS Iowa Farmer ANGRY About Ethanol Subsidies!!! [VIDEO]

In this really remarkable video, Ted Cruz is accosted by an angry farmer about his plan to phase out subsidies, and Cruz gives him as much time as it takes to get him to say, “well I hope the farmers vote for you” by the end of the exchange.

Watch below:


Some are saying in the comments they can’t get the video to work because of some Jade Helm Mossad-planned conspiracy.

Here’s a YouTube video that contains the exchange in the first half:

You can sense how angry the farmer is, but Cruz employs his impressively deep knowledge of the subject to explain calmly why his policies will HELP farmers, even though he’ll phase out the government subsidy.
Maybe the farmer was just being nice at the end, but he went from total anger to a pretty calm and accepting demeanor, all due to Cruz’s engaging arguments.

Now ask yourself – do you think you’d get that kind of understanding out of Trump?

And wouldn’t you LOVE to see Hillary try to debate with Cruz?*

It’s only going to happen if Iowans reject the lies being told about his ethanol position, and listen to the real Tednado.

*This should not in any way be misconstrued as an official sooper-endorsement of the Tednado. 

SooperPodcast #186!! GOP Debate Analysis From Before The Debates!!

  • curley727

    Any story about the Cruz mailers and the Iowa state response?

  • Citizen waking up to Corporatism Rule, RED ALERT, pour on the bullshit.
    Corporations don’t want 90% efficient vehicles, definitely no vehicles that are not dependent on their supply & delivery of fuel. (ex. self charging electric vehicle with no plugs)

  • larrymardis

    Love Ted Cruz, but, and its a big one, HE IS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN! Other than that Ted Cruz is an outstanding American and we love him for the good he is doing for this country.

  • firefirefire

    oh yes he is. and you can hold your breath till your face turns blue but it won’t make any difference. TedCruz2016.

  • Rafael Kafka

    GOD he is a natural! Extremely presidential!

  • bassman2016

    Why would Stooper write an article that didn’t begin, “WOW! CRUZ!!”?

  • curley727

    Didn’t think I would get a reply from Sooper. “Move along, nothing to see here!” If any other candidate did that, we would never hear the end of it.

  • foramerica

    Hope Cruz wins.

  • Aa

    This is great.. farmer calms down and gets the plan. Free market solutions bring in new, independent revenue. Corn will do better off the govt dole, get bigger profits by getting regulations off your back.

    Cruz also did great a few weeks ago at a Texas townhall. Angry crowd, Code Pink and lots of yelling over Iran deal. Total chaos at start of meeting.. within about 2 minutes Cruz got everyone calmed down and using respectful language back & forth. Very presidential. (Youtube. google at iran deal code pink. )

    Liked Trump for months for slapping the media around……. now he’s slapping fiscal conservatives around. Wish DJT would quit turning Left. Hope Cruz can keep him from floating in that direction.

  • teapartydoc

    Cruz is my dude. But if he or Trump are not the nominee, I’m through.

  • larrymardis

    No I’ll withold my vote. That’s how it works. I’m just saying I don’t think I’m not alone on this issue and I will not do what I complained about Obama supportors doing which was what ever it takes to win, even if they cheated and sold this country down the river. Sorry, but I’m just one vote. Now if the Supreme court, not the Harvard Law review, would clarify what “natural born” means then what the heck, I guess I could vote for Ted, but after his winning speach in Iowa he kinda came off like a prick, so… IDK.

  • crimsonman

    Voting for Hitlery or the Bern huh? Good job…..not

  • larrymardis

    crimsonman , no would not do that. but I want you to notice that I stated a point about Ted Cruz and supporters of his call names and belittle instead of confronting the facts. Hillary should go to jail and Berny laughed off the stage. Cruz has an issue that needs clarifing. But if cheating or going around the law to get what you want is good with you, well thats the way of America under Obama, these days. I kinda feel sorry for you for lack of knowledge and honesty. Ted too.

  • someone901

    I don’t like or hate cruz, but this “citizen” seems like an actor.

  • JR

    It was a good exchange and Cruz did a good job dealing with this Iowan. However, if this gentleman really listened to Cruz’s answer and what it really means it wouldn’t sit well with this farmer. Let me add that I’m not necessarily for or against ethanol, probably lean more against.

    Cruz says that he will be getting rid of all energy subsidies, and so that levels the playing field. Good. However, ethanol is energy impact negative, meaning that it takes more energy to produce than what it creates. The only reason that ethanol exists is because of subsidy. Removing the subsidy, which Cruz says will put it on a level paying field with oil, would kill ethanol production because it is more expensive to produce vs oil. It’s just not competitive. Removing regulations capping ethanol at 15% means nothing. It’s smokescreen. I can get E85 now and never do because the price of E85, even at 30% cheaper than E15 blend, doesn’t make sense considering the 30% worse mileage I experience. Say the subsidies are equal between gasoline and ethanol, which they aren’t, and it still wouldn’t make economic sense.

    Right now from an energy perspective there is no need for ethanol. Obviously the farmer thinks otherwise, and his best interest is in the government subsidizing ethanol production.

  • firefirefire

    withold that vote Larry and say hello to president clinton 2.0 enjoy!

  • uisconfruzed

    Nice post, thanks Soop.