More Trump Versus Trump – The Iowa Tweet Edition!!

Trump really seems like the GOP version of Obama – he will change his story completely just to save his own ego.

Here’s what he said about spending in Iowa when he thought he was gonna win:

But now he’s saying he didn’t spend there:

So he’s blaming the “experts”? But if he’s so smart then why did he listen to them and not spend in Iowa? I thought he was smarter than everyone else. According to those who know him well, he actually doesn’t ever take anyone’s advice. But that’s an easy excuse to make after a loss.

UPDATE: This is an important point to make about his “self-funded” campaign:

The truth is that the media is funding his campaign. If they stopped covering him 24 hours a day, he’d have to pay for it, or lose in the polls. And he’s already said it isn’t “worth it” to spend money:

Oh and also.. remember when he said how brilliant he was for skipping the GOP debate?

Here’s some irony for ya:

LOL!!! Of course there’s video of him mocking candidates for missing that debate – posted here. 

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  • formwiz

    Um, in case you didn’t see it, a lot of people have noted he didn’t spend a dime in IA.

  • WoodyBoyd

    I think you need to check your definition of “dirty trick”. Based on news reports that broke late Monday the Cruz staff said what they speculated was happening to Carson based on the Carson team’s quote to CNN. It was not clarified by Carson until late Monday/early Tuesday.

    Of course “dirty tricks” used to be spreading false rumors of extramarital affairs, racist connections, past crimes, or other outright lies about the candidate himself. Now suddenly it is a “dirty trick” to speculate on a candidate based on a news story that breaks on the day of the primary or caucus. A story that led most people to believe Carson was throwing in the towel.

    You know, “dirty tricks” used to be saying something like what another candidate said about Carson;

    A few hours after claiming that Republican rival Ben Carson has an incurable “pathological temper” and comparing it to something else he says is incurable — “child molesting” — the candidate escalated the battle, devoting over ten minutes of his rally to attacking Carson’s personal narrative.
    {end quote}

    So smearing Carson by associating his past as being akin to a “child molester” is just fine, but speculating about his continued involvement in the race because of a breaking news story is a “dirty trick”. Interesting how the definition of “dirty trick” has changed just in time to slam Cruz. The timing of this change is akin to the timing of the changes in Trump’s position on many issues. Almost like there are people trying to prop up a candidate who is nothing like what he claims and who needs help to smear someone who has beaten him in one contest so far.

  • Tad

    Haha, so lame

    Trump 2016

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