Did Cruz Commit Election Fraud? Here’s What Judge Nap Says…

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano weight in on whether Trump’s claim that he has a legal case against Ted Cruz for fraud in the case of the weird flyer they sent out before the caucus, and the false report that Ben Carson was dropping out.

Here’s what he says:

“There’s no legal basis for that – he’s making a political observation.”

Judge Nap says that no lawyer would take the case, and no court would take it up, this is just politics as usual.

What do you think? Is his reasoning persuasive? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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  • professorpat

    “just politics as usual…” dirtiest job in the world being a politician…i guess anything goes when scumbags like Cruz are running for office.

  • Knite Owls

    Well thank Allah you’re here let everyone know the true.

  • WoodyBoyd

    Yeah, that dastardly Cruz. How dare him win. But Saint Trump will teach him you just wait until he builds that wall and then opens it up to all Mexicans as part of his “deal” with Mexico. And you just wait until he sends all those illegal aliens home and then brings them right back here as full fledge citizens. Then us Trump supporters will show you !! How dare Cruz even occupy the same room as Saint Trump, he is going to Make America Great, at least for him and his cronies…..