Who WON The Debate?! Vote In The Only 100% Scientific Online Poll!!

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Our scientists and statisticians were hard at work to compose the only 100% scientific online poll for tonight’s ABC Republican debate.

Behold the majesty:

BOOM!!! Hit it, gringos, and the homies too!!


We are very grateful to Texas State Senator Konni Burton for 100% certifying and endorsing our 100% scientifically accurate online poll!!!

You rock, Konni!!!

Really? Trump Surrogate Says Kim Kardashian TWITTER POLL More Important Than Iowa Caucus To Downplay Loss!
  • Mike

    Need 2 votes. ha

  • Solution1776

    If Trump doesn’t win, this poll is rigged.

  • Smilardog

    this poll is Super Mexican rigged!!!

  • tuffydog


  • Bill Aggins

    I don’t understand in what way you can claim to be a conservative if a person who wants to deport illegal immigrants offends you.

  • What the hell are you talking about. I want to deport illegals. Idiot.

  • Im Right

    A real poll that hasn’t been hijacked.
    Thank you. ..

  • AynRandWasRight

    Laughed my ass off when I got to the Ben Carson comment. Well done.

  • William Thomas

    Looks like a CUBAN POLL………….. NO CUBANS IN THE WH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Percival

    Carly won.

    What a buncha feebs. Let’s cut to the chase and send everybody who doesn’t have a Cuban parent home. Then have Ted and Marco bust the ends off of rum bottles and settle this like ‘Muricans.

  • Tyrconnell

    Remember, according to Donald Trump, CNN interview July 29, 2015, he wants most of those back as legal immigrants because they do work that most Americans won’t do, and are “good people”, and quickly. In 2007 that was Kay Hutchison’s “touchback” amnesty bill.

  • SchmierrNippel

    No..it’s mean and nasty..and not nice!