YUGE 30 Point IMPLOSION In Trump Support Among Likely Voters!!

In a YouGov survey of likely voters, the support for el Trumpo has absolutely imploded by thirty points, giving Rubio and Cruz a huge opportunity to claim the frontrunner status.

Importantly, voters are not ready to count Donald Trump out. Two-thirds of likely Republican primary voters describe his second-place finish in Iowa as more of a “temporary setback” than a sign of serious trouble for his campaign. 54% expect Trump to win the New Hampshire primary, where he remains ahead according to recent polls.

But when asked who is most likely to win the primary overall, only 27% of Republicans cite Trump, down 30 points from a poll conducted just days before caucus night. 29% now expect Marco Rubio to be the nominee, following the Florida senator’s surprisingly strong finish in Iowa. Last week, only 9% thought Rubio was most likely to win. Expectations for Ted Cruz, at 24%, are slightly behind Cruz and Trump. No other candidate is higher than 2%.

The same shift took place among the public at large. 43% of Americans thought Trump would eventually be the nominee pre-Iowa; that number has dropped to 24%.

Wow. I guess you have to say that if it’s willing to collapse so quickly that it’s also liable to increase by that much.

But it kinda points to the fickle nature of the Donald’s supporters, who told pollsters they would caucus for him, but just didn’t show up on election day.

Yes, it’s just one poll – but el Trumpo has pretty much built his brand based on his overpowering strength in national polling.

What does he do when that falls apart?

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  • some call me…..Tim

    Uhhhh, Hey Sooper! While it’s obvious to me that you don’t like Trump, you at least need to do a little better at math.
    43-24 = 19, NOT even 20%. So, pray tell, how did you get a 30% drop in support? GEEZ! talk about ‘dumbing down’!

  • “ut when asked who is most likely to win the primary overall, only 27% of Republicans cite Trump, down 30 points from a poll conducted just days before caucus night. ” is reading that difficult for trump humpers? Damn.

  • WoodyBoyd

    Based on the fact that they look at a man who says what Trump says and then they claim he is conservative or that he even represents their views, they can’t hear or reason either.
    When I see a Trump supporter claim they hate all these establishment candidates that are just saying what they have to say to get elected and then claim Trump is the real deal after he did exactly what they described they hate about everyone else. Well let’s just say it makes me wonder if their brains went on vacation leaving their hearts and emotions in charge…..

  • Hans Pfall

    Funny how all the comments are now “TRUMP SUCKS”. Guess that’s what happens when you block opposing views. (…and now makes me feel like an a&&hole, ’cause I’m apparently not blocked any more…)

  • FiscalCon

    Sooper, you rock.

    I appreciate Trump’s loud mouth for broaching subject that could have been discussed before. I don’t trust his chameleon color’s though. I, like many others, was a liberal bonehead in my 20’s. Then I grew up. In contrast, Trump was a liberal bonehead a year ago. Then he changed colors.

  • What the hell are you whining and bitching about. I’ve blocked like one person who used racial slurs not trump idiots. Why do you believe in imaginary conspiracy theories?

  • Nov-cubed

    Uh. . . Hey Soop, your link stateth:

    Donald Trump’s best numbers yet

    In national preference, Trump leads his closest rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, by more than two-to-one among Republican who say they will participate in the presidential selection process in their own state. 43% is Trump’s highest level of support recorded so far in YouGov/Economist Polls on the race.

  • Nov-cubed

    Maybe I yust don read. From your link:

    Americans are pretty sure they know what to expect on Monday night, and it will be a victory for the frontrunners. By far, Republican primary voters expect Donald Trump to prevail in the caucuses, while Democratic voters see a Hillary Clinton win coming. As for New Hampshire, Republican voters again see a big Trump victory, while Democratic voters narrowly see Sanders, who comes from neighboring Vermont, as who has been leading in New Hampshire polls, as the winner.

  • We don’t elect nominees in national elections, dipshit. Wow. Amazing. You people are worse than Obamabots.

  • Nov-cubed

    Dang, Soop!
    Didn’t mean ta pizz u off. Just looking for the info you ticulated in your screed.
    Couldn’t find it in the linked pollinzki.

    Set. Me. Straight.

  • Hans Pfall

    I’m whining and bitching because (a) I disagree with you on Trump and (b) I was, in fact, unable to post a comment, and some Disqus message came up and said I’d been blocked. I also just ate crow, so what more do you want (aside from calling me a Trump Idiot and a conspiracy freak)?

    Now, let’s get back to talking about how you’re a tool of the Illuminati… (j/k)