Trump Spox SNEERS About Cruz’s Support Of Reagan To Defend Donald’s Support Of Planned Parenthood!!

This was just bizarre. Trumpo spokesperson Katrina Pierson was on the defensive about Trump’s support for Planned Parenthood against Cruz Communications Advisor Alice Stewart but then took a really weird turn when she attacked Cruz for praising REAGAN!!!

I have no idea what she’s going for here.

Watch below:

That’s quite a two-fer. Not only is she defending Trump’s support for an abortion provider, but she sneers are Reagan while doing it!!

I’m not sure how someone expects to win the nomination for the Republican presidential race while trying to criticize Reagan. But this shouldn’t be too much of surprise – Trump himself has often said that Reagan was “a little conservative,” in an attempt to deride what he did for the movement.

Is this a conscious decision by the Trump campaign to distance itself from mainstream conservatism and aim at moderates and left-of-center Dems who wouldn’t care much or Reagan?

Or is Katrina Pierson just insane?

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  • gastorgrab

    With Trump, politics now has all the drama and realism of professional wrestling.

    Not only do I not believe what Trump is saying. I don’t believe that Trump believes what Trump is saying.

  • Im Right

    Trump speaks in empty circles.
    The town hall that he did was laughable.
    He didn’t answer one question without the same, oh those people are stupid and I am a genius.
    I can fix everything. , No one can do anything as well as me.
    How dumb can people be.
    Come on people, wake up!

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