Man Votes For Trump Twice, IDs Aren’t Being Checked, Poll Workers In Trump Gear: Nevada Caucus Is A DISASTER!

So there’s all sorts of reports rolling in on social media about shenanigans going on at the Nevada caucus tonight. Here are some of the best:




Apparently it’s legal in Nevada to advertise for a candidate at the polling sites. So that’s not as big a deal as the other issues where it seems there really could be some irregularities that might need to cheating.

Let’s sum it up shall we?

Yeah, pretty much.

Meanwhile, I hear Sean Hannity is horrified at Fox News to find out that poll workers are cheating and NOT wearing Trump gear!!

Trump Wrote WMDs In Iraq Were A Threat A YEAR Before Bush Was Prez!

  • aliswell

    Yep. This is the same corrupt carp that occurred at scores of voting places back in ’12; dang near all of which were in favor of Obama. While I’m for Trump I DETEST all forms of corruption, especially when it comes to our voting process. ID is a crucial aspect of voting integrity. And no poll worker should ever wear a candidate’s gear. Shameful and corrupt!

  • Gary

    “ID’s , illegal aliens don’t need no stinking ID,” say Obama and DOJ.

  • gastorgrab

    Com on, it’s not as if it makes a difference. The press will still rally around Marco Rubio, and half the country will assume he won.

    Go, Ted!

  • Ribbey


  • Sharps Rifle

    If you ever doubted that Trump is really a Democrat, doubt no more.

  • Rab iBurns

    Apparently it is OK in NV and I’ve seen others were wearing Rubio and Kasich

  • MrNishida

    Perfectly legal, and not a violation of caucus rules.
    A caucus is a state affair run by the state party under state party rules, not an election run under Federal or State rules.
    It’s not against the rules for volunteers to wear candidate gear. Volunteers went through extensive training & are doing a great job.
    There have been no official reports of voting irregularities or violations. #nvgopcaucus”
    End of argument.
    Some people need to check their facts before they start running their mouths.
    And I also have seen the pictures of caucus officials wearing Rubio and Kasich gear.
    And I don’t see the media or the Cruz fanboys raising a stink about that.
    And now that the Cruz fanboys have decided to make an issue out of caucus officials wearing Trump gear, I would not be surprised if in the next few days pictures of caucus officials wearing Cruz gear pop up on the net…
    Trump supporters have cellphones with cameras too 🙂

  • MrNishida

    Boy, that was fast!
    For your enjoyment, Rab- picture of Nevada caucus official wearing Cruz gear:
    About halfway down the article.

  • Rab iBurns

    Many thanks!

  • Did none of you idiots actually read the damn post? I SAY THAT IN THE POST.
    Sweet Jesus.

  • wallygirl

    If anything, this just shows that we need to do away with the outdated Caucus process. Why are we even doing this anymore? It was crazy to watch people in Iowa pulling post-it notes out of Chicago Cubs trashcans announcing votes and then in other locations flipping a coin. WOW!

  • MrNishida

    We did, but apparently some of the other responders did not.
    Also, part of my comment addresses the ‘voter irregularities’:
    “There have been no OFFICIAL reports of voting irregularities or violations. #nvgopcaucus”
    So far all we have is ALLEGATIONS on Twitter, etc.
    Anyone can allege anything on social media. Some true, some false. But you cannot tell just by reading tweets. That is not proof, something some of the other responders do not seem to understand, since they have already concluded, based on tweets (and with no proof at all), that there was fraud.
    As a matter of fact, I am going to allege right now that I am a MARTIAN, here on Earth as part of an exploratory pre-invasion spy force. See how that works?
    Unless they file an official report and put their names on paper, and the allegations are PROVEN, it is just that, allegations. Just like ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’- another allegation, which turned out to be false.

  • Rufus

    Two times?… that really isn’t enough… we need at least 6x each.

  • DeadMessenger

    This is being peddled by a clickbait site as fresh news, here in Nov 2016. Folks, look at the date on the article!

  • gastorgrab

    Look at the date on my post. (8 months ago)

    The story obviously concerns the GOP primaries.

  • DeadMessenger

    My point exactly. Which is why I replied to the first post – yours. Didn’t mean to make you look like a perpetrator, sorry if I did. Only to warn lazy readers.

    Again, apology extended.

  • gastorgrab

    I think your issue is with the collection point, not the destination.

    Some site out there is grabbing headlines that match up with certain keywords, and packaging them as if they are recent. They don’t really care if you’re happy with them as long as they get the traffic.

  • anthony stavros

    God I pray we republicans finally wake up and cheat our way to victory. You effen Dems been doing it for years. Feels like shee itt doesn’t it? Eat me you cheating lying devil spawn!

  • DeadMessenger

    I agree. My comment was directed toward people who got suckered in, like I did. Nothing I can do about the actual guilty party, which wasn’t you.