BRILLIANT ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protester Gets Hillary To Read Her OWN RACIST Quote!!

So we don’t think much of the “Black Lives Matter” protest movement here at the Scoop, and you all know why. BUT I have to hand it to this protester who brilliantly got Hitlery Clinton to read her OWN racist quote from 1996 about inner city youth (read “blacks” here).

It’s amazing:

BOOM!! I love it!!

Her quote hearkens back to when a crime wave made even Democrats support more law enforcement and imprisonment – and black activists have latched on to one particular quote about “superpredators” from the cankled commie candidate:

Here’s her quote:

Of course, now it’s more politically correct to whine about the “school to prison” pipeline, and be upset that we put bad people in prison. And that’s why Hillary Clinton could be in trouble with African-Americans this election.

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  • Bill

    Hillary FINALY Tells A Truth.
    And gets something Correct.

  • aliswell

    Can anyone observing the 7-year massive increase in “youths” [black predators] killing whites, flash robs, knock-out “games,” cop-killings, and white, Hispanic and Asian beat-downs claim black kids aren’t super predators? Are there any people besides members of the PVA (Perpetual Victims Association [blacks]) and self-loathing whites who aren’t glad more prisons were created to keep the feral thugs off the streets?

    Anyone denying that blacks perpetuate a vastly higher number of crimes for their percentage of the population than any other race is a liar. Even before Obama slithered into office black crime was a problem. Black crime has always been a problem, and not just here in the US but on a global scale.

    Facts aren’t racist and truth is not an opinion.

  • gastorgrab

    The Black Lives Matter movement says that no one should be considered ‘Necessarily Guilty’ because of their race. And I agree with that.

    But the Progressive left also says that you should be considered ‘Necessarily Innocent’, despite being tried and convicted, sometimes by an all-black jury, which was resided over by a black judge, for killing a black victim, just because you’re black. Now that I disagree with.

    There may be a disproportionate number of black men in prison, but there is also a disproportionate number of black victims who were killed by a member of their own race.