Oklahoma Exit Polling Has Cruz 32%, Trump 27%

It’s SuperTuesday, but it’s not too sooper. Trump has taken Georgia, MassaTrumpetts, Alabama, and Tennessee.

But CNN’s exit poll has Ted Cruz taking Oklahoma:

Though early returns have it looking like all the other states:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.28.56 PM

Here’s what it is currently:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.56.10 PM

If Trump can be stopped at all, it’s going to be hard to argue that anyone other than Cruz can do it after adding Texas to Iowa and Oklahoma.

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  • Val

    Ah hahahaha…

    OK squeels the Soup.


  • formwiz

    You must be joking.

    Cruz wins 3 whole states to Trump’s 10.

  • WoodyBoyd

    Poor Trumpsters have to cheer themselves with the number of States since the number of delegates isn’t that big and can easily be erased in the coming days with their messiah losing even more States…..
    I thought Trump was going to run the table??? Gee, what happened?? I thought he was a forgone conclusion…..

  • MrNishida

    Trump has more delegates than all the other candidates (including your guy) combined.
    If all the primaries that have taken place so far had been ‘winner take all’ instead of ‘proportional’, he would be even further ahead in the delegate count.
    Most of the ‘proportional’ primaries will soon be over, the ‘winner take all’ primaries are next- and Trump leads in most of them. Rubio may win a couple in hopeless liberal hellholes like Hawaii or Puerto Rico (he will not win in his home state of Florida- we know him too well. Trump is way, way ahead of him in the polls, and Florida is a ‘winner take all’ state with 99 delegates- all of which will go to Trump), Kasich may win in Ohio, Cruz may win in a couple more of low delegate count states (Texas was his peak). But that is it. It is over and everybody knows it, no matter how much they scream. Now it is just a matter of waiting for the upcoming primary results to make it official.
    And the GOPe’s plan B for a brokered convention will not happen. Trump will roll into the convention with enough delegates to put this away on the first vote.
    Next on the list- Hitlary.

  • WoodyBoyd

    Where the heck do you get all your information, TrumpTalkingpoints.com?
    First, Trump has JUST 319 delegates, no more / no less. That’s all so far.
    If I just add Cruz (226) and Rubio (110) together and no one else of the rest they total 336 delegates, thus beating what Trump has so far. So your very first statement is totally FALSE !!
    As for polls, they haven’t exactly been coming out dead on for many States and in some Trump won only by the skin of his teeth. In Texas where Trump bragged he was dead even with Cruz he got his butt handed to him by 17 points.
    So as with sports, it ain’t over until it’s over.
    As for the rest of your post, it is stock, straight off the shelf Trump Talking points that amount to nothing more than rhetoric and mean very little.

  • MrNishida

    The statement was accurate as of the last time I checked before posting so, at that time, true and accurate. True and accurate as of that time. The totals have now been updated (big difference between a total being updated and my initial statement being false. Learn the difference before you accuse somebody of lying, little boy), but the rest of my statements remain accurate.
    “As for polls, they haven’t exactly been coming out dead on for many States and in some Trump won only by the skin of his teeth.” Like Cruz in Alaska and Oklahoma, right?
    A win is a win, and in “winner take all states”, that will mean that if Trump wins by the skin of his teeth, he gets ALL the delegates. Thanks for playing and helping me make my point! There are no participation trophies in ‘winner take all’ states.
    Yes, Trump lost by 17 points in Texas (I hope you understand Cruz had a little bit of a home state advantage there…eyeroll…considering that, a win by just 17 points is pathetic) but he still got a bunch of delegates there. However (this may come as a shock to you) the whole country is not just Texas.
    So, how did Cruz do in most places where neither he nor Trump had the home advantage? Let’s see a few examples…
    Cruz lost by 39.7 in Massachusetts, 22.3 in Alabama, 23 points in Vermont, 17.8 in Virginia…
    Get it? Trump won 7 out of 11 Super Tuesday contests, and INCREASED his advantage in the delegate count. He has won 10 of 15 primary contests so far (and Cruz only 4, and one of them his home state…eyeroll). Somebody is getting his butt handed to him, and it’s not Trump.
    And soon we will go into the ‘winner take all’ states (no more participation trophies for anyone-poor Ted, once this starts, all his upcoming second place finishes will mean exactly nothing). And Trump is heavily favored to win most of them (including Florida, my state- 99 delegates, and all will go to Trump…poor Marcobot), and most of the delegates.
    As I wrote before, It is over and everybody knows it. Please do continue to scream if it helps you feel better, but it is over and you know it.

  • WoodyBoyd

    Well bless your little heart !!!
    10 hours ago when I posted the delegate totals I gave were almost identical and in fact were slightly farther away with Trump being less than the other two. I can only guess that you were looking at something from last night versus this morning.
    All day Trumpsters have been screaming how it’s all over and he “swept” the States. I guess it makes you feel better that even after winning all those States the delegate totals are still close compared to where Trump was supposed to be by now.
    Since your news source seems to be rather behind, I am not sure if you are aware that Florida is not so far apart anymore and Cruz is actually leading in California, another winner take all with a boatload of delegates. Add to that the fact that Trump has so far been only able to muster about a third of the total popular vote and not 40% or 50% as the polls and Trump supporters would have everyone believe and it isn’t quite the slam dunk it was predicted to be for Trump.
    But hey, you keep right on watching the old news sources that didn’t even have the current delegate totals and I am sure all will be well.

  • MrNishida

    Just checked realclearpolitics.com
    In Florida, the latest Quinnipiac poll (2/21-2/24) has Trump ahead of Rubio by 16 points, and ahead of Cruz by 32 points. The RCP average has him ahead of Rubio by 19.6 and ahead of Cruz by 28.6- and the primary is just 12 days away. Florida is Trump territory, cubby!
    As for California, I can see that the poll you are quoting is the old Field poll from exactly 2 months ago which has Cruz at +2. The other California polls have it at Trump +2,+6, a tie, and Walker at +2 (Yeah, Walker… there have been only 5 major California polls in the last year). All of the information available on California is so outdated RCP is not even using any of it (including your outdated 2 month old poll) for averaging purposes. And you laugh at me for using information that was outdated by a few hours, yet you use outdated information from two months ago? This is just too rich! Talk about sources that are rather behind! From a month before the first vote was cast, and over 5 months before the California primary! From before the Trump train had left the station! Bless your little heart! Hahaha!
    Nice try with the popular vote spin! In a crowded field, it is almost impossible for any candidate (including yours) to hit 40- 50% of the popular vote from the gitgo. However, as candidates drop out, eventually it becomes possible.
    Now, let’s see if Trump has hit 40% or more in the primaries, shall we?
    Nevada- 45.9%
    Alabama- 43.4%
    Massachusetts- 49.3%
    Hey, don’t worry- the 50% or more primaries are coming up! I love it how every time someone says “he has reached his ceiling”, he smashes through it!
    And before you say it, I will say it- in its proper context, which you would not. Cruz has hit over 40% too, yes- in his HOME state, and nowhere else.
    But hey, you keep watching the old polls from before the Trump train had left the station and I am sure all will be well.
    Keep screaming! Scream louder! That might help!

  • WoodyBoyd

    Keep assuring yourself and writing endlessly about how all will be as it has been. As for old polls, I was just using the same standard you used, so I thought it would be something you are familiar with and feel comfortable. As for the first primaries you quote, when have those been indicative about the rest other than for use as propaganda trying to claim some sort of mandate or momentum.
    You keep telling yourself that Trump is inevitable and maybe you can sleep at night. As for watching old polls from before “the Trump train left the station”, I would have hoped it left the station before January/February 2016, but hey I am sure it will all work out…..

  • MrNishida

    As the kids say today, you mad, bro?
    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones!
    Keep screaming! Scream louder! That might help!

  • WoodyBoyd

    Seriously, you keep saying “screaming” and “scream”, but nowhere are there any words in caps. Just curious, but are you suffering from projection? Have no fear, it is very much a common ailment for many Trumpsters. You believe others are liars when Trump himself lies and calls the others liars. So it is understandable and their is medication for that condition.
    Just remember your ailment comes from the very source of support for Trump;
    Emotions Trump Intellect !!!
    With all that anger you Trumpsters seem to suffer from I can understand why you like to believe everyone else is screaming at you…… Have no fear the rest of us are just not feeling it like you do.

  • MrNishida

    I am referring to something other than typing in all caps and you know it.
    Now you are an armchair psychologist too? Hahaha!
    Since I clobbered you with facts, now it’s down to just insults and provocation. You lose.
    See ya!
    And remember- Keep screaming! Scream louder! That might help!

  • WoodyBoyd

    “Clobbered me with facts”. That’s rich !!! 😉

    I keep forgetting that mere statements of how you define things as a Trumpster constitute facts. You are aware that polls are NOT the same as facts, right. That polls, while attempting to gage sentiment are not the same as votes in which a result is defined and executed. But hey keep screaming at me about how you have beaten me. I am sure it has a calming affect on your anger.

    But hey, hold on to that anger oh Trump Follower I am sure your messiah will reward your diligence in combating the heretics in your mist.

    Here some facts about Trump, these are things he can’t simply lie about as you Trumpsters love to do by screaming at the rest of us until we walk away.
    Take a look at the MarketWatch article, well researched, about how your messiah isn’t actually that successful at real estate as he has screamed he is to all us non-believers. Seems your messiah left over $13 BILLION on the table. Now there are facts versus your wishful thinking about the rest of the primaries.
    But hey I understand that for you Trumpsters; Emotions Trump Intellect !!!