Ron Paul Says ‘SuperNationalistic Populism’ Of Trump Is The SAME As Hillary’s SOCIALISM!

Cranky old anti-FedBank hero Ron Paul says that Trump and Hillary Clinton are no different from the viewpoint of a libertarian.

Watch below:

Here’s what he said:

“From a libertarian viewpoint, there is absolutely no difference, a meaningful difference between Hillary and Trump! They both support the military industrial complex, the Federal Reserve, deficit entitlements, invasion of our privacy. It’s super-nationalistic populism versus Socialism, and that’s so remote from what we need to be doing. We need to be removing ourselves from Tyranny towards LIBERTY!’

That’s pretty rough. He also seems to refer to Cruz’s remark about “carpet bombing” ISIS, though it really does seem like Cruz is the least hawkish of the candidates, despite his extreme rhetoric about it.

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  • gastorgrab

    Sorry, but I don’t see anything wrong with territorial nationalism.

    Many other nations in the world are defined by a single ethnic group. The United States is kind of unique in that it is defined by it’s borders. Race, creed, and religion, is not supposed to matter.

    One of the defining characteristics of territorial nationalism is a common law.

    While I officially support Cruz, I don’t see the same uncontrollable danger that Donald Trump poses. I believe he is very controllable, and only our will to do so will make the difference between success and failure.

    I do however see an unhealthy, ‘cult-like’ behavior, like that which followed ‘Barack The Destroyer’, exhibited by Donald Trumps more zealous supporters. They seem to think this staged drama is real. Have they never seen professional wrestling?

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  • JR

    The totalitarian draconian PC mind set gas invaded too many people. Making words verboten and changing the meaning is facism, which is what is going on, and with Ron Paul. He is guilty of marxist tacticts.