Donald Trump Jr. Visits White Supremacist Radio Show That LOVES KKK Leader David Duke!!

Talk about mixed signals – after a week of trying to denounce the KKK and failing, Trump’s kid visited “the political cesspool,” a white supremacist radio show that has hosted former KKK leader David Duke and sung his praises.

Watch below:

Here’s their comments from their website about former KKK leader David Duke running for president:

I’ve known David for many years, which is something that his detractors can’t say for themselves.

He’s been a guest on my radio program and in my home.

Contrary to the false image of a drooling “racist” that the MSM would like to paint, David is a very thoughtful, intelligent, and gracious individual.

Based solely on my numerous personal dealings with him, I can honestly tell you that there is not a single negative thing that I can say about the man.

I count him as a friend and hope he decides to run.

Apropos of nothing, there’s also a white supremacist rally down the street from CPAC today where they will praise the Donald for helping their [bowel] movement gain more prominence!! Yeee Haw!!!

You get down in the political cesspool, you’re gonna get up with… all sorts of stuff.

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  • Gloria

    MIOS 101
    Lets see…
    You posted a 2011 story, comments Date’s prove that, and try to link it to 2016.

    Try again Soup

  • AlecJ

    I have some connections to the Democratic faithful….you know Hillary stalwarts….and even some apathetic west coasters who don’t really like either party but believe many of the ridiculous stereotypes about conservatives because….well California….

    Let me tell you.

    Its already accepted that Trump is a racist. Its now a matter of finding ever single interview, soundbite, and connection he has to anything that could be even marginally…maybe…slightly….if you squint hard enough…racist.

    Forget dates. Forget what you think about Trump.

    Stuff like this is out there. A LOT of it.

    The last week just cemented the plan of attack for the left…..and they cannot WAIT.

    Trump is a disaster.

    Write it down….take it to the bank….tattoo it on your face.


    I dont care how much you like him or worship his brand of “not being PC”. The oppo ammunition out there is devastating.

    If Trump wins the nomination. They are going to use this and a pile more to brand him a KKK racist. The dates dont matter. It could be from yesterday or the 20th century. Trump could lose 48 states to Hillary. Id say all 50, but its Hillary.

    Just prepare yourselves, Trumpkins.

  • JR

    So……just because someone goes on a radio radio show or television show that likes a certain person does not mean anything, If I go on a show that hates Catholics does not mean I hate Catholics. They can’t find out the views of every single person or station just to give an interview. Grasping for straws.

  • Robyn

    The guy in question is a real reporter and his personal views are not known to everyone nor was it known to the Trump campaign when they issued the press pass. The female reporter who is following Trump around for I believe CNN or MSNBC Katy (starts with a T) something took a picture with this guy so stop race baiting and trying to paint Trump as a racist! Don Jr gave the same interview he gives to every reporter for months nothing here except more race baiting.