Trump FLIPS Immigration Stance During GOP Debate – FLOPS Back After Debate! LOL!

Man, this guy is more flexible than Obama after the election with Putin!! Sheesh!!

During the debate, Trump said that he was changing his position against H1-B VISAS, as evidenced at the beginning this video:

He literally says, “I’ve changing, I’m changing. We need highly skilled people in this country. And if we can’t do it, we’ll get them in. But, But, and we do need. And Silicon Valley. We absolutely have to have.”

I have no idea what the hell he’s rambling about but, just a few minutes later, his campaign clarified that Trump was lying to everyone about his policy:


Marco Rubio has already nailed him on it from his Twitter account:

And if you’re wondering about the quote Megyn Kelly was talking about, here it is:

Lets put this idiot in charge of the greatest country in the world, and the largest most powerful military the world has ever seen. Because we can trust his character, right?

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  • Tyrconnell

    Also, H1B Visas are for skilled workers, the unskilled are H2B Visas, like the ones Trump uses for his imported workers at the Mar-a-Lago.