Creepy Video: Trump Has Supporters Raise Right Hand And PLEDGE To Him!!

El Trumpollini is once again trying to get into the headlines by making his followers do a very familiar hand signal:

He’s probably just trolling the media again. But it is kinda creepy to see followers make what looks like a Nazi salute to him.

Maybe they’ll discuss it next time his son is on white supremacist radio!

Here’s the video:

And another:

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  • Knite Owls


  • Sonya Blade

    Hitler’s got nothing on you, Drumph.

  • snowmaggedoned

    Seig Heil!!!!

  • honestAbesurd

    Ya, mein HAIR Trump

  • cryandhowl

    Poor SOOPER. Still trying to out negative the other phony CONservatives.
    Maybe you should use a little of Romney’s speech.

  • clearthinker

    Stump is a complete disgrace. To mention the size of his penis in a national forum is disgusting and his blind followers should stop following him already. Evangelicals and other christians have no business following this arrogant maniac.

  • Tyrconnell

    And he’s back to endorsing war crimes, because he’ll open out the laws….

  • Kaysa Alexander


  • meanddeb

    Rubio done it first

  • trumpinalong

    Lame Sooper.
    He had them raise their hand to promise to vote in the primary. Pathetic you are saying that is the Hitler salute. Really pathetic.

  • Richard

    So? They are both wrong if that is the case.

  • Richard

    Poor brain-dead lemming. Try to wake your brain up and research the truth instead of making excuses for bad

  • Richard

    He said it looks like. But the dumbasses will continue to support the dumbasses if they have to ignore every bad Trump behavior.

  • Johnny Monday

    And they all went immediately to the nazi solute.

  • Bill Hartmann

    I want to watch the entire video in context. This is a sound bite.

  • @tweetbrettmac

    That dude in the middle of the frame is a Cuban. Latino white supremacists? Nice clibait.

  • Petra Hickox

    actually when A.H run for office in Germany he made people swear to vote for him the same way Trump just did. that is a fact …

  • Jeff

    Are you kidding me? What an utterly asinine statement. I’m not a Trump supporter by any stretch. He’s a misogynist, arrogant, narcissistic, joke. But to compare Trump to the absolute, fundamental evil of Hitler and his murderous genocide of 6,000,000 Jews shows how utterly little you know and understand history – or how little of a filter between your brain and your mouth that you have. Such a pathetic statement of ignorance. And ignorance is why we are now faced with completely terrible choices for our next President on both sides of the aisle.

  • NY


  • trumpinalong

    You folks have gone off the rails.

  • trumpinalong


  • trumpinalong

    But it didn’t.

  • RobertaLynn

    Fuhrer Trump! Sieg Heil! OH WHAT A BUNCH OF SHEEP. The wolf is licking his chops!

  • mauser 98

    Judge Jeanine: Mitt Romney awoke a sleeping giant….worth watching

  • Peter C.

    So when you signing up for the Gestapo?

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  • ThomasJefferson

    And here we are a year later, do you still think Dump is very far removed from Hitler? If you do, You dont know your history very well, or at least the part concerning Hitler! Say tuned, he may yet be a dead ringer.

  • Jeff

    I know my history, and that of the rise and fall of the Third Reich, very well. Your ignorance, a year later, is still quite astounding. Please, enlighten me on how Trump is Hitler – without going to the assinine, uninformed dribble that is so pervasive throughout the Internet. Hitler “ethnically cleansed” and murdered nearly 10 million people in all. How, in God’s name, does Trump, with all of his flaws, even remotely compare? Hitler rounded-up all of the guns before his slaughter – something that will never happen in this nation, at least not without another civil war. The crap that’s being spewed these days is astonishing.

  • ThomasJefferson

    I could write a book on this Jeff, but I’m going to do my best to give just a few examples, and as briefly as possible. One of the first things he did was play on the prejudice’s of people to gain their support. He diidn’t invent them, they were already widely held, just as Hitler did with the German people. He has made a point to play up to certain elements of the military just as Hitler did, even though many of them despise him, (same as many of the German army) and if you’ll stick around, many will come to absolutely hate him for many of the same reasons the majority of the German army hated AH in the end. Dump hasn’t disbanded congress (yet) but he has bypassed them at every opportunity possible, He has nominated Jeff sessions, whom is as close to Roland Freisler/Heinrich Himmler as you can get. I really haven’t even gotten the preface for fore mentioned book started yet. But don’t go away, if he doesn’t manage to do away with the 1st amendment, (something if you were listening during his campaign, he strongly alluded to) I would love to revisit this topic with you say,…a year from NOW? Stay tuned.

  • ThomasJefferson

    Oh, and beforeI check out of here, your assurance of another cvil war before the round up of all the guns is amusing. Exactly who do you think would be at the forefront of such a round up? Far to many still think of the entities that would be spearheading such an operation as “protectors” “friends”, etc. when already the vast majority of them are plainly anything but! I’ll agree that the “crap being spewed these days is astonishing”, but the side that gets the most credit for it is no worse than the other in that respect.