Bernie Sanders Says White People Can’t Ever Understand What It Means To Be POOR!!

Bernie Sanders really showed all his racialist cards tonight with this little tirade where he opines that white people just can’t know what it means to be poor in America.

Watch below:

I don’t know what kind of meth they cook up in Vermont, but it’s gotta be pretty damn good for Bernie to actually believe that whites don’t experience poverty.

There are more white people in poverty in America than any number of minority group. How can this idiot actually believe that all whites are living comfortably in middle class wealth? There are literally millions of poor whites in this country that struggle every day. How the hell can anyone vote for a dumbass who doesn’t know that poor whites exist? Idiot.

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  • Gork

    Saying that a White person can not understand some social phenomenon is no better than saying that a black person couldn’t understand a social phenomenon. For example, if a white person can not understand what it means to be poor does that imply that a black person doesn’t understand how to climb out of poverty and become wealthy?

    I don’t use strong language like this very often, but that’s pure Bullshit!

  • Prof Fuller Bull

    There’s also the technique of changing the definition of “middle class” to equal “poor”, so that what is now considered ” poor” will be called “middle class”. Same way the 0bama admin changed “recession” to “the new normal”, then termed THAT “The New Booming Prosperity”. NewSpeak. Readying you for the coming fun.

  • allengr

    If he becomes President we’ll all find out what its like.

  • bob

    what a dumbass. If we had an intelligent voting population this idiot couldn’t be elected to ANYTHING.

  • politicallynaive

    Thank God!! At least there is one race that knows how to improve the standard of living of humans. And that is the reason that all the other failed races are risking their lives in boats, and stinking hot deserts to come to a white run and well organized countries. One must asked what is the problem with the other races and why one race does so well economically and basically wins all the Nobel Prizes…

  • Lou Hodges

    Do we need a president who speaks in gross generalizations? We know he doesn’t know what its like being poor, up there in Vermont, with all their cutesy little gift shops and organic food stores and bicycles. I would say, most truly poor people don’t know what it is to own a bicycle.

  • jamson64

    Most poor in America are white.

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