Protesters And Trump Supporters BRAWL In Chicago – Rally Cancelled!

Erin Burnett started narrating the images coming out of the Trump rally cancelled in Chicago tonight as protesters started fighting with Trump supporters.

Watch below:

ANOTHER Trump FLIP FLOP!! Here’s What He’s Saying NOW About Torturing Terrorists!


  • Jackie

    The Trump Presidency, has just been assured.
    Thank You Marxist Chicago

    Trump 2016

  • jamson64

    Liberal tolerance is a MYTH.

  • AlecJ

    Trump goons are no different than leftist goons. They are all thoughtless wackos ruled by emotion and worshipping lies.

    Trump will never be President. He is a foolish liar who makes Hillary look like a human being.

  • Lockstein13

    It is the SCUMMY RIOTERS (they are NOT “protesters”)
    who are no different from Hitler’s S.A. (Sturmabteilung):
    sent in to disturb the peace and order.

    They, their organizers (Bernie Sanders and MoveOn),
    and their supporters (TED “UNtrue and UNprincipled Conservative” CRUZ)
    need to be put on the ashheap of history.

  • teapartydoc

    Make America American Again.

  • @bradoplata

    Cruz lays part of the blame on Trump. Wtf?

  • Gina

    Bernie and Hillery’s BoweL Movement

    It’s just beginning

  • Jim Walker

    TRUMP 2016

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