Breitbart Publishes BIZARRE Article Mocking Fields, Shapiro Resignations

Last night Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro announced that they were leaving Breitbart News, and today the site seems to have accidentally released an unbelievable article mocking the pair.

Here’s a screenshot of the story:

breitbart cover

It has since been taken down, but a cached version of the story exists – here’s the text:

Former Breitbart News editor-at-large Ben Shapiro announced Sunday evening via left-wing Buzzfeed that he is abandoning Andrew Breitbart’s lifelong best friend, widow, hand-picked management team and friends in pursuit of an elusive contributorship at the Fox News Channel.

Friends of Hamas could not be found for comment.

Shapiro, a Harvard lawyer and member of the State Bar of California, apparently violated virtually every clause in his employment contract during an appearance on The Kelly Filelast Thursday evening.

It was business as usual for the ambitious conservative gadfly, who is known to live on the edge, courting and then leaving a series of companies over the past several years.

Buzzfeed, a site that has been aiming to destroy Breitbart News since the moment Andrew Breitbart died, and which has predicted the demise of Breitbart.com for the past four years, rewarded Shapiro for his bravery by placing news of his resignation just beneath several other hot stories, including “This Wee Little Snake Taking Its First Breath Will Cure Anyone’s Fears,” and “2/26: How Two Llamas And A Dress Gave Us The Internet’s Greatest Day.”

The story ran next to a photograph of a baby snake hatching from its shell, apparently for emphasis. Somehow, Shapiro’s name was omitted from the headline on Buzzfeed’s home page.

Breitbart’s editor Joel Pollak released this statement about the story they’ve since taken down:

The article was written by me as part of an effort to make light of a significant company event, and was published as a result of a misunderstanding without going through the normal editorial channels.

I apologize to Michelle Fields, my friend Ben Shapiro, and to everyone concerned.

How is it possible that they write such a story and accidentally release it? More Breitbart melt down, or planned distraction? I am seriously dumbfounded at this development.

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  • JeromeFJ

    Breitbart living down to the expectations of their worst critics. Sad.

  • Lockstein13

    The videos that I’ve seen show Michelle Fields’ “story” to be that and nothing more.

    That Ben Shapiro chooses to go off the deep end on this indicates
    he’s going “full Glenn Beck” soon.

    Oh. And that 10-pointed insert photo being the “Star of David”?
    That claim is beyond the level of Sarah Palin’s “crosshairs” nonsense.

  • Facts Hurt

    The videos conclusively show a criminal battery. If breitbart won’t back its employees, who would want to work there. Add that to breitbart going on the Trump payroll as the new Pravda and it has completely gone astray from Andrew’s vision. He specifically warned against Trump.

  • Tim Barrett

    Have you truly looked at the video? The one where Trump’s Campaign manager clearly walks right by Fields and nothing happen? Also secret service agents have commented nothing happen.

  • Facts Hurt

    I’ve watched them all and I could convict him with my eyes closed if he didn’t plead first.

  • Tim Barrett

    I don’t know, the one I saw shows him going around her and not much of a reaction from her.

  • Gayle

    The women and the wapo journo are liars.
    1-NO video shows her fraudulent assault
    2-NO other person or there heads react in anyway, to this fraudulent incident
    3-what i did see was her smiling

    What this was…
    A establishment hack journalist and a hack liberal PoS propagandist, join in classic yellow journalism. MIOS 101, Dis-Information, Flat out lying.

    The desperation of the Left and the Establishment is…Glorious.
    On full display is the Traitorous Repube-lickings and Marxist/Racist Democratic Party.

  • 20thCenturyVole

    So do we know yet what the exciting new newsblog these folks will inevitably start will be called?

  • JacksonPearson

    The videos showed no such thing. Michelle Fields story has been proven to be untrue, false. Donald Trump’s campaign manager walked by her, and did NOT lay a hand or touch her. Secret service agent verified that he did not touch her, that he even moved his body to avoid Fields. The truth will set you free.

  • JacksonPearson

    Have your vision checked.

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