Disgraceful: Eric Bolling Black Lists Michelle Fields On ‘Cashin’ In’ Over Trump Assault!!

In an utterly and completely hypocritical move, Fox News’ Eric Bolling is said to have told Michelle Fields she isn’t welcome anymore on his Saturday show, “Cashin’ In.” Apparently he didn’t like how her forearm assaulted Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.

Watch below:

From the Daily Beast:

Michelle Fields used to appear weekly on Fox News weekend gabfest Cashin’ In. The show’s host, Eric Bolling, was one of her biggest boosters—giving her a regular spot on his program, promoting her on social media, serving as a key “advocate” for the budding conservative commentator’s career.

But that’s all over now that she dared to get manhandled by Donald Trump’s notoriously shady campaign manager.

After Fields was grabbed and nearly yanked to the ground by Corey Lewandowski, hung out to dry by her own employers at Breitbart News (who later vowed to sue her), and maliciously smeared by the Trump campaign, nearly all of her colleagues at Fox have publicly and repeatedly shared their support. But not Bolling.

Instead, according to multiple sources close to the situation, she received a phone call from Bolling’s producer informing her that she will no longer appear on Cashin’ In.

Fields was told that she’s off the show because she is no longer “impartial” to Trump and therefore cannot speak objectively on his candidacy so long as it’s in the news.

This is unbelievably hypocritical because Eric Bolling has been boosting Trump without the slightest shred of shame for months now, much to the bemusement of conservatives on Twitter, who mock him incessantly for it:


Even more ironically, el Trumpo often says that loyalty is one of the few things he values above all else. But that’s loyalty to HIM. In order to get in good with the toupee’d totalitarian, you need to be ready to ditch your friends if they become a threat to the campaign. Even if they’re the ones assaulted by the Trump campaign, literally.

Pretty pathetic, Bolling.


I found some pretty ironic tweets among Bolling’s past posts, feel free to fling them back at him:


Bolling issues this apparent “correction” by posting this from the Blaze on his Twitter:

A Fox News spokesperson, however, disputed the report and said that the “Cashin’ In” producer never told Fields she was permanently banned from appearing on the program.

“The only recent conversation about her appearances on ‘Cashin In’ was with a show producer last night and they mutually agreed to take her role as a guest panelist on a week to week basis,” the network representative said.

Neither Bolling or Fields were available for comment.

That kinda sounds like a CYA move – she won’t ever appear again, but they’ll pretend it’s “mutual” and that it’s on a “week to week” basis. And she probably won’t admit it because she needs the exposure on Fox News. How are these people against the establishment again?

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  • Gloves Donahue

    Bolling is joining Hannity, O’Reilly, Carson and Christie in destroying themselves over this lout.

  • Hilarious seeing the anyone-but-Trump professional right clutch their pearls like liberals. Fields is overplaying the victim card for a) sales on her book due out in June and b) credibility with her #NeverTrump pals. The reality is, the “Never Trump” crew has gotten rich for decades while losing the national conversation — and now that Trump is winning it, they see their careers flashing before their eyes. Good riddance to lousy messengers!

  • Kanamit

    Did you watch the video of the “assault?” She is to totally lying. A big nothing burger. She’s just a drama queen looking for attention, and since she’s halfway decent looking, schlubs like Sooper come running to her aid.

  • Patrick Saunders

    That is by far one of the dumbest things I have read on the internet by a Trumptard and Trumptards say a lot of stupid shit on the internet.

  • brian

    No integrity is contagious lately. Stand up and fight gets you ridiculed put down. The mod rules is what has become us

  • brian

    I don’t care! No other rallies have these issues. It’s not just her, grow up people. Stop dealing emotion and begin dealing with fact. The mob rule is going to get you nowhere. Tough talk no fact from a Liberal Fraud who can not win in November

  • Me: Several substantive, thoughtful assertions all in pursuit of us winning the conversation so we have a mandate to effect actual change in DC.

    Patrick Saunders: “Stupid tard dumb stupid dumb tard stupid.”


  • Patrick Saunders

    You made no substantive thoughtful assertions that have anything to do with the real world and that is why you are a moron.

  • Patrick Saunders

    Why would she lie? What is the motive and pay-off for lying? She wasn’t like one of these Bill Cosby chicks who cry date rape 30 years after the fact. She had a witness and reported it immediately.

    Explain how she is not credible using facts and reason.

  • So per you, we win the conversation? If you grab 100 random people in the US and say “Republicans are racist/evil/greedy/etc,” they’d nod along. Say “Democrats are kinda nuts but hey they’re good people and forward thinking,” the same 100 would nod along. We do lose the national conversation and that is why even when we win elections, we have no mandate to actually do anything in DC. It has little-to-nothing with elected officials “not having spines” as many like to say. It’s because they, their strategists & advisers and yes SooperMexican and the rest of the conservative media — all do a pisspoor job of communicating our message. They’re great at preaching to the already-faithful, but they’re horrible at 1) attracting disaffected Democrats and the recreationally-engaged, 2) disarming the biased media and 3) putting Democrats so far on defense that they’re forced to repackage their entire platform. But they don’t do any of those. They just preach to you and get you to click. And they celebrate their inbred pals in their little insiders-only cliques. That’s all. You overstate Trump’s negatives and understate how we can use him…and you have zero insight or foresight on why we actually struggle to effect change in DC, where the real fight happens and/or how to win it. Chortle on my nuts. I’m done here.

  • Patrick Saunders

    Of course you are done here because you are just another Trumptard blowhard who despises anybody who disagrees with you and your master. It is funny how all of you are exactly the same in your thinking and your reactions. You refuse to talk and argue like reasonable human beings. Your entire philosophy is based in empty and meaningless sound bites and slogans and shameless hypocrisy. Trump can contradict himself 5 times in one day and you Trumptards get a glazed look in your eyes and say, “yes, master” without any sign of critical thinking at all.

    And how can you talk about being a conservative and conservative messaging when Trump has supported liberal causes and liberal Democrats for most of his adult life? Plus, he is a crony capitalist crook and a self-admitted one. This is a man who gave money to Hillary Clinton for both her Senate career and first run as president and you think he is the savior of conservatism. Who are you trying to fool, pal?

    You Trumptards don’t seem to get that the rest of us aren’t as dopey as you.

    There is absolutely no evidence that Trump is a good conservative, will be a good conservative president, and has the temperament and fortitude to deal with Congress and foreign relations. No evidence whatsoever. Indeed, the exact opposite is true and his campaign has proved it.

  • Patrick Saunders

    Right, you don’t even have the brains to make a counter-argument.

  • I made the counterargument in that video. That’s me. And here’s the whole playlist; take your pick: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoTaYl9QdeJdo3uR3fyHDVKuoof68WbEi.

    Done wasting time with you here. I put my job on the line doing these videos (because it’s not okay in the tech world to be an out-of-the-closet conservative American patriot, because the professional right have done such a shitty job communicating our message!) and for months before that at my own blog: LoveBreedsAccountability.com. You want substantive, thoughtful engagement? Then resist calling people “retards” as your introduction. Later.

  • adam

    The reason why Republicans keep losing presidential elections is because they keep putting up moderates. There’s this lie that the Democrats have put forward that Republicans need to broaden their base and win over Democrats and Independents in order to win. The same thing that Trump supporters keep bringing up. You can no win an election unless you motivate your base to actually vote and no moderate is going to motivate conservatives to vote for them. Reagan did not win his election from Democrat votes, Democrats didn’t vote for Reagan until he was up for reelection. And after Reagan, they stayed Democrat and continued to vote for Democrats, they didn’t magicially become conservative, they just saw that Reagan’s policies worked economically.

  • doodle

    This has gotten more disgusting every day. I used to enjoy Fox News .Now with the exception of Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier’s shows I dont watch Fox. It seems as if they are all,like his followers, deeply taken in by the cult. This situation itself is worse though. What this young lady has had to go through,being manhandled, her credibility questioned,having to leave her employment, bring threatened on Twitter and then spat on by Bolling( not litterally.i wish this young lady brighter days to come, and they will because when Trump loses this election, and he will those that made fools of themselves over him will remain the fools

  • adam

    It would be great to have a news station that just reported the news and let you decide your own opinions

  • Patrick Saunders

    You made no argument in that video. You are just babbling incoherently. You didn’t make one argument based in any empirical data whatsoever. You say you are a computer scientist so you understand the notion of data and evidence. Where is your evidence that Trump has a large coalition? Where is your evidence that Trump brought millions of moderate and independent voters into a conservative coalition? Put up the data. You personal feelings are not facts. Your notion that Trump will have a mandate is utterly ridiculous when so few elected Republicans, people with the power to actually make law support him. Trump can’t be a dictator. You must have failed basic civics in high school because you obviously don’t understand that we live in a republic. Lastly, your notion that the conservative elite and media does a poor job of communicating has nothing to do with anything. Why is it their responsibility to do the thinking for other Americans? That notion in itself is insulting. People are conservatives because they are rational human beings and know what works and doesn’t work by life-long experience. The media doesn’t need to brainwash anybody into being a conservative.

  • Capt_Morgan

    There was no assault. So even if Bolling is in favor of Trump at least it is still fact based. Once you create a false narrative you have no credibility. I give Eric Bolling credit for keeping himself in check every day while Gutfeld and Perino beat him up.

  • Capt_Morgan

    The mob is the paid agitators and the media who portray it as Trump’s fault.

  • AlecJ

    Did you watch the video…..are you nuts? Its is right there. It happened. He grabbed her. That is an undisputable fact.

    You are delusional.

    When a campaign puts its hands on a reporter, its a problem. When a jerk puts his hands on a women, its a big problem.

    If someone did that to my wife or sister…..it wouldnt be at “nothing burger” Maybe for a gutless coward who has no morals it is…..

    Friggin unbelievable.

  • AlecJ

    Um wrong.

    It happened. To state otherwise is delusional and sick. The video is a part of reality. The eye witness accounts are a part of reality. The bruises on a woman’s arm, as given to her by a repugnant cur, are a part of reality.

    Maybe its time you started living in reality too.

    You people denying this are truly sick. The evidence exists. Its not hearsay. Its not “He said, She said”.

    You all need to just go hand out on left wing sites that encourage lying for politics sake.

    Its pathetic and unforgivable to excuse manhandling of a woman.

    I will not ignore it.

  • AlecJ

    Trump will never be President. What do you think of that?
    Liars like you and Trump will always be abandoned. He should have ran as a Democrat if he wanted to abuse women and win.
    The landslide coming for Hillary will discredit every single big mouth who lives in Trump worshipping fantasy land.

    Your name will be among them, Hank.


  • AlecJ

    He is a mindless zombie, Patrick, dont waste your time.

    Just let reality handle fools like Hank. He will surely disappear as everything he says explodes in his face.

  • AlecJ

    Supporting Trump destroys the credibility of every argument against the “professional right”. He is the guy who gave them the money to stay in office. He is the guy who made sure Mitch McConnell was well funded and won reelection. He is the professional political class’s sugar daddy.

    The cognitive dissonance is astounding.

  • Philly Cheesesteak

    Understatement of the day

  • Iron Scruffy
  • Capt_Morgan

    Your panties are all bunched up for no reason. New video came out 2 days ago. It did not happen. The police have dropped the case. It’s over.

  • SensualHarassment

    Michelle Fields was in the wrong here.

    Michelle Fields was not injured in any meaningful sense of the word. The video clearly shows this to be a mundane crowd control encounter. Any male reporter, with the exception of Ben Terris, would describe this as another day at the office.

    If you won’t agree that Michelle lied, she greatly exaggerated the incident. “In her own words” article, she implies, multiple times, that she was nearly dragged to the ground. Well, the video shows nothing of the sort.

    Let’s just say she was actually dragged to the ground, and she sustained a serious arm injury. Yes, that would be egregious. But… I would also say that she wasn’t exactly innocent. Question time was over. There was a 40 minute Q and A session prior to the incident. How many questions did Michelle ask? Zero. Granted, maybe she tried but wasn’t able. In either case, question time was over. Trump was moving, surrounded by secret service and other campaign members. Yes, there may have been other reporters asking questions while he was moving, but Fields clearly took a more aggressive approach. She is nearly sticking her arm out in his path. It seems as if people are upset that it was Lewandowski who pulled her aside, suggesting it would have been perfectly fine if the secret service did the same. Seems illogical.

    Let’s talk about motive and intent.

    Corey had seemingly no idea he did anything wrong when questioned about it in text messages. Rightfully so. It was a very benign encounter, of the sort that happens hundreds of times at every major campaign stop, sporting event, and concert. Corey had absolutely nothing to gain by “assaulting” a reporter.

    Michelle Fields, on the other hand… has a number of red flags in her past and future. First, she has claimed on more than one occasion that she was victimized, by high profile entities such as a congressman and the NYPD. The claims were later dropped, for unknown reasons. She has a reputation, now more than ever, as a damsel in distress that oft cries wolf.

    Regarding her future, Michelle has a book coming out in the next few months. That might be an unfortunate coincidence for her. It doesn’t look good. It seems, to me and others, that she had motive and a past history for claiming victim status.

    I know I’m not the only one. Most unbiased views of the event side with Lewandowski. The comment sections are a great way to get a pulse on public opinion. In this case, I would estimate that 90%+ of the commenters on various websites are dumbfounded that she would claim this to be an assault.

    At best, Michelle maybe didn’t intend on making this such a big story. I believe Ben Terris and Shapiro wanted the story to be true, and they pushed it much harder than Michelle would have liked. Breitbart realized they made a mistake backing her when they saw their comment section, as I described above. FoxNews… is getting the picture… that nobody is buying her story. But you’re still buying it, ay? This is a sinking ship, and you think it wise to anchor yourself to it?

  • SensualHarassment

    “It happened.”

    By it… you mean nothing. Literally, nothing happened that doesn’t occur on a daily basis to an aggressive male reporter. She thinks because she is female that she gets special treatment. If you don’t want your arm pulled from time to time, don’t be a reporter. Stay at home, behind the safety of your keyboard. Jesus Christ! Could you imagine if she was a war reporter? Brian Williams was nearly taken down in a helicopter by an RPG and he didn’t complain at all.

  • SensualHarassment

    Stand up and fight by making false accusations of being thrown down….

    You sure have a way with words.