Trump Supporter Sends CHILD DEATH WISH To Amanda Carpenter – And She’s A School Teacher!!

Well it looks like I found Donald Trump’s classiest supporter!! Check out what she tweeted to Amanda Carpenter, Ted Cruz’s former communications director:

jennifer padilla stoops23luvsJK 02

I’m sure Trump will sign her up as his next PR person.

This is what I love – she mocks Amanda Carpenter for reposting her tweet:

jennifer padilla stoops23luvsJK 01

But when I call her out on it, guess who becomes a “cry baby who can’t stick up for herself”?

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 11.35.03 AM

What a disgusting waste of a human being.

AND she’s a school teacher in New York City!!!

How do you like thinking a moron like this is helping shape the minds of American school children?

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  • honestAbesurd

    It appears that Trump supporters are no different than Obammy ones. Emotional knee jerkers.

  • martin caidin

    you’d expect a teacher to get “you’re” right

  • Shane Dale

    So many Trump supporters are everything that Democrats have always believed Republicans are: vile, ignorant and hateful.

  • jamson64

    I am not a Trump supporter but boy this primary has brought out the worst in so many.

  • honestAbesurd

    Yes it appears there are fringe nut burgers on both sides.

  • Melanie Ducote

    oh there have been plenty of that hateful, ignorant, violent stuff going around from the democrats too, so don’t be so dilusional!

  • Shane Dale

    Yes… that makes it OK.

  • Melanie Ducote

    no ofcourse not! none of this is ok by either party!

  • bullet2354

    Trump has won 20 Primaries and is past the halfway point to 1237 – His best states are coming up NY CT RI DE MD PA and he will likely win the Left Coast too CA OR WA… Because these 2 large areas do not mix well with the evangelical side of Ted.

  • Rick Harlan

    Notice the “race traitor” subtext of her second tweet. People are afraid that the Trump voters will bolt the party. They should be more afraid that they won’t.

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