Internet Shocked By Split Screen Of Obama’s Carefree Speech Next To Horror In Belgium

This morning Obama offered just 51 seconds to recognize the large terror attack on Belgium by ISIS, and then he launched into a 45 minute speech in Havana, Cuba, showing just what his priorities are.

This forced CNN to show a split screen with Obama’s carefree tone-deaf speech on one side, and the scenes of horror from Brussels:


It’s clear that we basically elected John Kerry from 2004 when he said that he wanted to get terrorism down to a “nuisance.” Obama doesn’t want to stamp out terrorism, he just wants to manage the death toll. That’s why the speech had to go on even though Islam has claimed another battlefield victory in it’s war with the West.

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  • aliswell

    This is the same, certifiable nutjob who claims globull warming is a greater threat than ISIS. How is it he’s not in a mental institution for the criminally insane? Oh that’s right, because the patients are running the joint.

  • Coffeequeen8

    Not a fan of Fox anymore, but if it were they and not CNN, showing splitscreen, Left would be vitriolic. Terrorism in the US does not phase Obama, certainly, it is just an inconvenience when it occurs in Europe. He gave a shoutout to someone before he announced, Ft. Hood. Nothing he says or does surprises me. He continues to discust me. BTW, Put up the photos of him doing the Wave at the baseball game today. The man is a sociopath.