Here’s When Trump BRAGGED In His Book About His MULTIPLE AFFAIRS With Wealthy Married Women!

If anyone doubts the Donald’s commitment to the holy sacrament of marriage, all they have to do is read his glowing review of monogamy in the book that he loves to pitch on the campaign trail all the time. He didn’t write it himself, as his ghost-writer admits, but he loves to quote it as if he wrote it. He doesn’t cite this sentence much while he’s waving the Bible around though.

The Daily Beast has the quote:

In The Art of the Deal, Trump boasted about bedding other men’s wives.

“If I told the real stories of my experiences with women, often seemingly very happily married and important women, this book would be a guaranteed best-seller,” he wrote.

In fact, his nemesis Senator Ben Sasse called him out on it but he never answered:

 And don’t give me no guff about asking for forgiveness either – when asked if he had ever asked God for forgiveness, he said NO, because he’d never done anything wrong. Yet somehow self-professed Christians vote for this guy.
On the other hand, according to one analysis of his polling, it’s the less religious Christians who are really supportive of the Donald, not the more religious. So make of that what you will.

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  • Gloves Donahue

    Sniveling Donald is much like Predator Bill Clinton. Clinton went after anything with a pulse, married or not, then hid behind his state troopers and the Secret Service protection.

    Someone should have knocked the ever-loving crap out of Sniveling Donald years ago.

  • Daneel

    Oh my lack of god…does Ted Cruz know about this? LOL