Here’s Why #TrumpLovesPecker Is Trending on Twitter…

I saw the anti-Trump forces begin to tweet under the hashtag #TrumpLovesPecker hours ago, but it’s just now gotten to trend number one nationally.

Now apart from the obvious double entendre there, what they’re referring to is David Pecker, who is the CEO of the National Enquirer that ran the execrable story against Ted Cruz today.

Hot Air describes how the smear works:

It’s a smear. As it turns out, the Enquirer is emphatically pro-Trump. They endorsed him a few weeks ago. He’s been friends with the paper’s CEO, David Pecker, for years. And this wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done him a solid by publishing a spoonfed attack on one of his opponents, according to Gabriel Sherman. Supposedly it was Team Trump that handed the Enquirer a story last year about Ben Carson leaving a medical sponge inside a patient. It’s also noteworthy, as Cruz himself mentions in the clip, that Trump advisor turned Trump cheerleader Roger Stone is the only quoted source in the Enquirer piece. Stone’s reputation for bareknuckle politics is so infamous, the profile of him that the New Yorker published a few years ago was titled “The Dirty Trickster.” (Cruz’s odd reference in the video to copulating with a rat is, of course, an allusion to ratf*cking, at which Stone is said to be a practiced master.) Trump himself has been known in the past to feed stories to the media which he knew were false, simply because it benefited him to do so.



I don’t know who came up with the hashtag, but mexcellent work there!!

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  • Swing and a miss, yet again, by the useless professional right. I used to be mad that you guys could never win a conversation, but now I’m thrilled about it haha…

    “Mr. Trump isn’t gay, but so what if he was? It’s 2016. There are very few people who still attack people just for being gay. We may have debates about marriage, but most people accept and more likely welcome LGBT Americans with open arms. This, apparently, is not the case for those who fear a Trump Presidency. Well too bad. Mr. Trump will win the Presidency on the GOP ticket and go on to Make America Great Again in part by Making America United Again…and that means everyone. Well, everyone except the terrorists and criminals. They deserve to be dealt with and will be. But being gay isn’t a crime in the US and the implication that it should be by those forces who oppose Mr. Trump, should think about that.”

  • Michael Harrington

    you really skipped the content after only reading the title it seems.

    That would make you the lowest information voter. Yes the lowest. No one else was so stupid as to Post after admitting in such a manner they did not read the content.

  • Javier Serna

    So in 2008 & 2012 you voted for Obama right? Because he supported your rights as a gay. Now,Obama supporters are choosing the “Republican” candidate. The same group of idiots who gave us King Barry, want to give us King Donald.