SooperPodcast #194!! The Republic Is Over With Matt Dawson And Andrea Ruth!!


We talk about all the reasons that the Republic is OVER! DONE! Kaput!!! It’s not terribly cheery. Also this week Matt Dawson screws everything up and we end up with three recordings from two days. The first two are ten minutes each from Wednesday and the last is a full hour from Thursday. I have no idea what’s going. Oh, Andrea Ruth takes the place of Helvetica Cornucopia Hapax Legomenon. wo has been fired.

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Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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  • Douglas

    Sooper, you are not wrong about the delivery of TV news anchors and reporters. They speak in ‘headline/tease’ verbal shorthand style. In the early days of broadcast news the script style was much closer to that of print news. The generally accepted style has evolved over the years into something that is less grammatically correct, but more tied to the video. It used to be that the anchor delivered more information in a traditional sort of news format. The video was background for the information delivered in the script. Now the video is really what drives the story and the script highlights what the viewer is seeing. Rather than using the tease> lead> body format, the new style uses tease-style statements throughout much of the video as sort of a shorthand narration. The style has become so commonplace in broadcast news script writing you even see it bleed over into the ad lib commentary during breaking news events.

    I don’t know why they have adopted this style. I find it to be jarring to the ear and annoying, but I guess it tested well with the short attention span crowd that is challenged by thoughts exceeding 140 characters.

  • That is fascinating!!! Thanks for taking the time to explain that.