Trump Spokesmoron Katrina Pierson CAUGHT LYING About Melania Ad On CNN

Of course the Trump camp sent out their little degenerate bulldog Katrina Pierson to attack Ted Cruz on CNN, and spread the lie that it was a pro-Cruz SuperPac that put out the Melania ad.

For once, they had a Cruz rep there to set the story straight.

Watch below:

It’s amazing just how much the Trump supporters and representatives are willing to brazenly lie about what happened, and Fox News joins in on the parade of deception. It’s disgusting and stupid, but that’s the only way someone like Trump can get elected…

Remember Katrina Pierson also sneered at Cruz’s admiration of Reagan, had to answer for her oddly racist tweets, called Republicans racists and Christians hypocrites.  Classy broad.

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  • Mother124

    So, Katrina, how do you explain the fact that Trump first denounced that tactic, and then used it himself by posting an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz?

    Way to take the high road, Donald. Oh, yeah, he has no idea what that is.