Obnoxious Trump Adviser Starts Yelling Loudly About Female GENITAL MUTILATION To Dodge Question!!

Trump’s advisor Stephen Miller is one of the scummier thugs that he’s been able to get on his team, and he badgered and berated panelists on “State of the Union” this morning in order to keep from answering questions about Trump’s idiotic retweet.

The fake rightous indignation that Miller is able to conjure up should win an Oscar for effort, but not for execution, because anyone can see right through it unless you’re utterly and completely gullible. And what’s with that cow-like glassy-eyed glare he has?! Is that a side effect of slurping down Trump brand Kool-Aid?!

Clearly this is a sign that they know the coverage on the retweet mocking Cruz’s wife is hurting them because they’ve been constantly trying to pivot away from it since Saturday. Here’s more evidence.

Remember – Trump mocks women because he’s worried about female genital mutilation. Good job, Miller.

‘You should be ASHAMED for spreading SMUT!’ – Amanda Carpenter DESTROYS Trump idiot on ‘National Inquirer’ story!!

  • LOL sooper. I caught your link on Twitter (I’m @brainouty) and am reading it now. Very obvious, what you claim. Thank you for showing it. THIS woman also says #NeverTrump . I will vote for Hillary if I have to. Hope I won’t have to.

  • thetreyman

    lol. @redsteeze is awful.

  • honestAbesurd

    He must be Trumps Himmler.

  • Esef Brewer

    Can Lyin’ Ted shed some light on this most important issue? Lying Ted is a creep-O-zoid who lies to his wife his constiuents, his family. Then Lyin’ Ted tries to act like an evangelical preacher. My wife syas her “Creep-O-Meter pegs out when she sees Lyin’ Ted.

  • @bradoplata

    Her creep-o-meter must be off if she married you.

    Hee hee.