Trump Throws A Tantrum, Threatens Lawsuit Because Ted Cruz Out-Organized Him In Louisiana

The Donald is throwing another TrumperTantrum, this time it’s over the delegates that Ted Cruz is gaining over him in Louisiana despite losing.

But this idiot can’t sue just because his childish feelings were hurt – Ted Cruz simply out-organized him and got the delegates fair and square according to the rules that were laid out before the vote.

Trump won’t sue, and if he does it’ll be thrown out of the courts. And he knows this. It’s just to get more media attention because that’s what he thrives on.

But the most important aspect of this little episode is that Ted Cruz simply organizes better and runs a better campaign. And that’s why he was able to get more delegates out of Louisiana. He didn’t cheat, he just prepared better and used the rules to his advantage. Isn’t it that character trait what “brilliant businessman” Trump is supposed to be hanging his his hat on?

Obviously, like everything else he says, that’s all a scam. And this threat of a lawsuit proves it.

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  • BAW

    I enjoyed the article about Louisiana delegates quoting Trump’s man in charge of something to do with delegates saying, “He wasn’t aware…” That was pretty obvious. One of those “best people” Trump claims he has, will have. It was clear the Trump guy, the Trump team was clueless about the whole process. As someone else said, it’s really nice to be backing a candidate, Cruz, who is just smarter than the opposition.

  • Prorkba

    “The Art Of Negotiation” apparently is to file law suits; we hear “I’ll sue” coming from the Donald once a week. Interestingly, it’s the act du juor of Democrats.

  • Jay

    Cruz is the worst of the scum to float up.

  • cryandhowl

    Okay, if Cruz organizes better and runs a better campaign … what happened in New York? It’s a bummer when you’re getting your ass kicked by someone not as organized and is running an inferior campaign.

  • Trump didn’t throw a tantrum. He threw a lawsuit. So what. Besides, Louisiana delegates are now saying they were not steered to Cruz. They still support Trump. So who started this? The media?

  • Callitlikeiseeit

    Lol. Trump lost to Hillary in NY as will any Republican in November. #newyorkvalues

  • honestAbesurd

    WOW you are so dumb.

  • cryandhowl

    Dumbass, Trump didn’t run against Hillary.

  • cryandhowl

    Oh, my feelings are hurt.

  • Callitlikeiseeit

    Same liberal thinking they have dumbass! You trumpkins are gonna be so disapointed.